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Prepping 2.0 226 – Podcast Novel: Chinese Balloon EMP

In Episode 226, we do something new: tell a novel in the podcast. It’s way easier to talk about a prepping scenario in a podcast than to spend six months writing and editing a novel. Our scenario is the Chinese putting low-yield nuclear charges on balloons and detonating them to create small-scale EMPs over red states. They then orchestrate blue states to fight the red states. The ending of the story is in the After Show, available exclusively to Patreons. Of course we do another hilarious Lightning Round in the After Show available to Patreons – but this time Shelby asks them to Glen. Please support our sponsors ProOne Water Filters, Gibbz Arms, Forever Forward ApparelEMP Shield, Paul Burke – Idaho Realtor, Numanna Foods, Backwoods Home Magazine, Jared Savik – Montana Realtor, and Minutemen Coffee. We are part of the Firearms Radio Network. Learn more about our podcast at Prepping