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Off Road Podcast 459 – Offroad Toy Outfitters Mayhem at The Mountain

This episode of the Off Road Podcast is Sponsored by Colby Valve.


Tonight, Aaron can’t get traction, Coy breaks out his arsenal, & Ben looks up 


Welcome to the off-road podcast. A podcast about everything off-road. We cover the news, review products, and interview people in the off road industry.  Your hosts tonight are Aaron, Coy and my name is Ben.  Welcome to the show.


Coy – nerf war birthday party/mothers day

Aaron – Thomas helped me with the brake bleeding.  Made a list of things to fix before the Moab trip.  Camp trailer almost done being painted.  Couldn’t get traction with a scissor lift at a jobsite today.

Ben – finally got the battery replaced in the Camry and pulled the 4runner into the shop to start going through it before the long way home



Listener Feedback

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News brought to you by Colby Valve

  • Hennessey is about as American a tuner can get, offering insane performance upgrades for sports cars and trucks from the Big Three. Not to mention, it’s also expanded into the world of bespoke hypercar development
  • The package starts up front with a bespoke off-road steel bumper with integrated lighting and continues in the rear with a similar steel setup.
  • Thanks to a leveling kit and 2-inch lift, the truck is better optimized to handle the new black 20-inch off-road beadlock wheels wrapped in massive 35-inch tires, though the spec sheet confusingly also mentions 37-inch tires, so perhaps there are different options.
  • The company says the fold-out electronic steps have been re-engineered to better handle the rigors of trail life too.
  • Signature exterior decals have also been added, including a massive logo on the top of the windshield and logos on the bed of the trunk along with badging on the front fenders.
  • The interior has also been upgraded with Hennessey embroidered headrests, but that appears to be all that’s changed on the inside.
  • Unlike many of the company’s projects, this one doesn’t include any more power, just a high-flow air induction system that shouldn’t change much except add a throatier sound.
  • The package comes with a 3-year/36,000-mile limited warranty for some peace of mind, but the company hasn’t unveiled how much it’s set to cost, and we imagine it will come in the $10,000-$20,000 range on top of the truck’s base price of $72,130.

  • Tesla is rolling out a new Off-Road Mode for the Cybertruck aimed at improving its abilities. Lead engineer Wes Morrill has detailed the update via X, giving us an in-depth look at the changes coming to the electric pickup. Let’s start with the two Off-Road modes, Overland and Baja. The former delivers superior stability, handling, and traction when driving on gravel, snow, sand, or rocky terrain. In Baja Mode, the stability assist system is set to Minimal which allows the vehicle to handle with greater ease, while vehicle balance is also improved.The  ‘Baja’mode is like the Cybertruck’s equivalent of track mode. There’s even a Handling Balance Slider that lets the driver choose their preferred setup. This ranges from ‘Standard,’ where both the traction control and stability control assist the driver, to ‘Min,’ which puts the driver in total control with minimal interference from the driver aids.
  • There’s also a Terrain Slider that adjusts the ride height and suspension tuning for different surfaces. Morrill says ‘Rugged’ is the “optimal” setting for Baja driving, as it uses a specific damping tune and ‘high’ ride height to deal with bumps and high-speed maneuvers. Other settings include ‘Clearance’ which uses the highest ride height setting to drive over obstacles, and ‘Smooth’, which pairs a ‘Medium’ ride height with a damping setting that minimizes pitch and roll.
  • Off-Road Mode also benefits from a Trail Assist feature that combines hill descent control and ascent speed control to make it easier to maintain a set speed on off-road courses. The driver can set a speed, and the combined systems maintain the desired speed regardless of the terrain or gradient, allowing the driver to get on with the important task of avoiding obstacles. Using the brake or accelerator doesn’t disengage Trail Assist, with the vehicle returning to the set speed.
  • One of the most important additions is the front and rear locking differentials, something Tesla has promised since January. This should make the Cybertruck even more competitive off-road. There’s also a ‘vitals page’ that displays important information, such as battery/electric motor temperature, tire pressures, and real-time pitch and roll monitors. Elsewhere, the camera views are constantly displayed, with the front camera and side mirror-mounted cameras being the default views.
  • Of course, drivers can swipe to see different camera angles, which means there’s less chance of damaging the Cybertruck on a hidden obstacle or getting stuck. The rear-wheel steering can also be disabled, with Morrill noting this comes in handy when the vehicle is in Overland mode. “I found less reasons to turn it off than I expected, but in Overland there [are] some cases when rock crawling or driving off-camber on loose surface.”
  • Even the Tent mode has received a massive improvement. If you find your camping spot is on an uneven surface, the air suspension levels the vehicle to provide a restful night’s sleep. The front lightbar, taillights, and bedlights can all be operated individually as ambient lights. External speakers mean you can also play music, creating a home away from home. The air-con and outlets can also be used if enabled.
  • It would be interesting to see how Tesla’s first-ever pickup truck measures up to the Rivian R1T and F-150 Lightning after this update, as the off-road performance of pre-production Cybertrucks was disappointing. With the new update, we suspect that’s no longer the case.


Main Topic  


Fast Five Facts   

  1. New or old vehicle? 
  2. Summer or winter camping?
  3. Rock, Sand, Snow or Mud?
  4. Favorite vehicle brand?
  5. Favorite tire?

Any recommendations for someone new to off-roading 


Tell us about you

How did you get started in off-roading?  

What was the first vehicle you took off road?

What’s your favorite rig to hit the trail in?

What’s your most embarrassing moment on the trail?

Tell us about your business


  • What got you working on vehicles and had to start OTO?
  • Is there anything you specialize in?
  • You’ve been helping a friend at King Of The Hammers the last few years. What have you learned?
  • What’s the Mountain Mayhem Race series and how did you get involved with core power sports?
  • What classes are there and what makes them different?
  • How is the event scored?
  • How’s it different from KOH?
  • The race Ben went to was the first of the series have you come up with any changes for the next race?

Last question, Where can our listeners find you and your shop?

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Next Week:  king of the Hammers with Dave Cole 


Closing Statements

Thanks everyone who listens to us weekly and also to those who watch us live on YouTube.  We really appreciate you.  Please share us with your friends and help us grow.  God bless America!

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