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Off Road Podcast 452 – Spartan Rope

This episode of the Off Road Podcast is Sponsored by Colby Valve.


Tonight, Aaron finds the volume knob, Coy bites off more than he should chew, & Ben begins rebuilding his pile of parts


Welcome to the off-road podcast. A podcast about everything off-road. We cover the news, review products, and interview people in the off road industry.  Your hosts tonight are Aaron and Coy, my name is Ben and we are joined tonight by Nai Saechin(N-eye Say-Chin) from Spartan Rope.  Welcome to the show.


Coy – Went to the circus. Made dumb racing decisions. Got the royal treatment from Aaron

Aaron – Exhaust work.  Polyurethane coated the plywood walls in the shop.  I am 3D printing stuff for my daughter’s birthday. I am starting to print fun stuff now.  Coy hung out with me on Saturday.

Ben – Went and bought some new coilovers.  Found some Icon 2.5s for a really good deal. Not sure I’ll get them done before I take off for Montana for Easter.


Listener Feedback


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News brought to you by Colby Valve

  • Jeep Gladiator Rubicon High Top Concept
        • You won’t find any resto-mods from Jeep this year, but the Gladiator Rubicon High Top Concept certainly pulls on our 1970s heartstrings. Wearing a metallic two-tone Ginger Snap exterior finish, it has flat fender flares and a modified front bumper from American Expedition Vehicles. This makes room for 40-inch all-terrain tires turned by Dana 60 axles, and there’s an adjustable air suspension system in there too. The 3.6-liter V-6 and eight-speed automatic are stock.
        • Inside, the interior gets a leather makeover and the bed features lockable storage components. All in all, it’s a relatively minor build but it could be the best-looking concept of the bunch.
  • Jeep Low-Down Concept
        • A low-rider at Moab doesn’t make sense, but in this instance, low down doesn’t mean a slammed suspension. In fact, this Wrangler maintains its factory stock ride height with 42-inch mud-terrain tires squeezed in there. Jeep says this is to help keep the center of gravity low, but the wheel/tire combo needs special high-clearance carbon fender flares to make it work. And did we mention this is based on a Wrangler Rubicon 392? That means a stock 6.4-liter Hemi V-8 is under the hood, making 470 horsepower.
        • A custom clear hood lets you see the Hemi beneath it, though onlookers might be blinded by its Poison Apple Red paint job. The interior gets custom black leather seats, and it’s shielded by a bespoke red bikini top. And to make sure you don’t forget what’s under the hood, 392 decals are prominent on the fenders and the dash.
  • Jeep Willys Dispatcher Concept
        • Here’s where things get very green. The Willys Dispatcher Concept showcases where Jeep started and where it’s going, combining retro cues such as embossed Willys lettering on the hood and steel wheels with a modern Wrangler 4xe powertrain. The 16-inch wheels are shod with 36-inch tires that, frankly, look rather modest in this lineup. There’s a simple front bumper with a big ol’ winch in there, and inside, the seats have no headrests to further push the retro theme. However, the leather seats are far from what you’d find in a classic post-war Jeep.
        • You also won’t find the hybrid powertrain, which remains stock at 375 horsepower and 470 pound-feet of torque. There are Dana 50 axles and 4.70 gears for low-speed capability, and there’s no missing it in Moab thanks to the shade of Element 115 Green applied to the exterior.
  • Jeep Vacationeer Concept
      • Just as bright on the eyes is this Grand Wagoneer concept, painted Spearmint and fitted with a pop-top tent for overlanding adventure. Jeep also adds just a touch of woodgrain to the sides, an ode to the classic Wagoneer and one that easily stands out against the pastel finish. Inside is awash with plaid, at least on the front seats because the second and third rows are removed. This makes room for the Skyloft top, which is permanently mounted and accessible from within the SUV.
      • The suspension and powertrain are stock, though the 35-inch tires provide an extra inch and a half of ground clearance. Larger wheel wells and custom fender flares make room for the tires, and skid plates help protect the undercarriage.
  • Motor Trend –  Can the New BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO3 Top the KO2, an Off-Road Tire Legend?
    • BFGoodrich has reimagined its flagship all-terrain tire. Say goodbye to the KO2, and hello to the new BFGoodrich T/A KO3.
    • Since the 1970s, BFGoodrich has offered an all-terrain tire tested in the tortuous Baja 1000 off-road race. Previous tires in this lineup have included the Radial All-Terrain T/A (T/A is BFGoodrich speak for “terrain assault”), the Radial All-Terrain KO, the Radial All-Terrain KO2, and now, the Radial All-Terrain KO3.
    • The BFGoodrich T/A KO3 comes nearly a decade after its predecessor, and much appears to be the same—like its ruggedness and reliability, the Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake snow service rating, and the general theme of the tread pattern. But what changes have been made to the legendary all-terrain rubber?
    • First, while similar to previous iterations of the BFGoodrich all-terrain, the tread pattern has been revised. Tread blocks appear to be positioned closer together than they were in the KO2. Also, the KO2 featured triangular stone-ejecting elements in the voids which are absent in the KO3. KO3 does feature “KO3” in miniature lettering between alternating shoulder tread lugs.
    • To address water evacuation from beneath the tire, KO3 benefits from larger water channels which extend farther across the tread pattern than KO2. Tread blocks also show more interlocking full-depth sipes (read: the smallest grooves in the tire for increased biting edges and tread block stability). The greater number of full-depth sipes can contribute to the tire’s handling in snowy conditions as well as its grip on rocks, as the tread elements bend and flex over the terrain.
    • Though the tire isn’t released to the public just yet, it is original equipment on the 2024 Ford Ranger Raptor (LT285/70R17) 33”x11”, the 2024 Chevy Silverado HD, and the GMC Sierra HD (LT275/65R20) 34”x11”.


Main Topic  

Nai Saechin (N-eye Say-Chin) from Spartan Rope


Fast Five Facts   

  1. New or old vehicle? 
  2. Summer or winter camping?
  3. Rock, Sand, Snow or Mud?
  4. Favorite vehicle brand?
  5. Favorite tire?

Any recommendations for someone new to off-roading 


Tell us about you

How did you get started in off-roading?  

What was the first vehicle you took off road?

What’s your favorite rig to hit the trail in?

What’s your most embarrassing moment on the trail?

Do you have a biggest win on the trail?

Where is your favorite place to wheel?

Any places you want to go that you haven’t gone to?

Tell us about your business

How did you get started

What products do you sell?

Your website says that your products are “USA Tested & Certified”.  Can you go into some more detail on that?

Do you have any other products you plan to add to the lineup?

We heard through the grapevine that your product was involved in that recent incident where a soft shackle broke and the kinetic rope went through someone’s windshield.  Can you shed some light on that situation?

You only sell one size of kinetic rope.  Are kinetic ropes one size fits all?

Do your ropes come with tags that give the break strength and other stuff?

Last question, Where can our listeners find you?

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Next Week: Off Road News


Closing Statements

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