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Off Road Podcast 442 – Snow Camp Trip Report This episode of the Off Road Podcast is Sponsored by WARN, Colby Valve, and 4Patriots. Tonight, Aaron has the hiccups, Coy can’t shower, & Ben files a complaint against the local weatherman Welcome to the off-road podcast. A podcast about everything off-road. We cover the news, review products, and interview people in the off road industry.  Your hosts tonight are Aaron, Coy and my name is Ben.  Welcome to the show. Coy – snow camp frozen pipes Aaron – Selling the Nissan Ben – web wheeled with Gerrick and Nic on Snow Runner.  Dreaming of a blizzard I never got This week in review was brought to you by 4Patriots….Go to  Listener Feedback 605 SPOTTER We also want to thank our sponsor Patriot Patch. Head over to and check out their selection of great patches, shirts, cleaning mats, signs , and stickers.  You can also join the patch of the month club for 15 bucks and receive a patch, matching sticker, and artist proof each month. Our patches $13 shipped in the US for one and $10 for any additional.  Or $10 picked up from us in person.  Just send us a message through any of our channels and we can set you up with a Paypal link. News brought to you by Colby Valve 2024 F150 Raptor R Makes More Power Than A Ferrari Ford gave us fair warning of this development in September when it said the new model was targeting the title of “most powerful full-size off-road truck ever.” Despite setbacks from union action, recalls, and stock volatility, Ford has delivered on its promise, extracting 20 hp more than the 2023 model year. Not only does this give it an 18-hp advantage over the 2024 Ram TRX, but it also represents more power than its own sibling, the Ford GT, and even the 715-hp Ferrari Purosangue. How’s that for a bragging right? The horsepower bump comes from “reduced air inlet losses” (we’ll call that a bigger intake) and “optimized calibration” (a new ECU tune). Although there’s a wider torque curve as a nice byproduct, overall torque remains the same at 640 lb-ft, meaning the TRX still has a 10 lb-ft advantage. Still, that’s not the number that buyers in this particular truck segment will care most about, and the Raptor R is a few hundred pounds lighter. No other details have been provided, but that’s okay because the facelift for 2024 brought with it Fox Dual Live shocks with new continuously variable rebound controls, enabling better on- and off-road performance. There was also the option of a new modular front bumper that allows more exposure of the front tires, as well as a light bar, 37-inch tires, and other accessories. Ford is taking the V8 scene by the scruff of the neck, taking full advantage of the void left by muscle cars that the Mustang once competed against and the void that will soon come when Stellantis likely gives the TRX a turbocharged six-cylinder and drops the TRX suffix. Add in the fact that Ford is competing in global motorsports, from NASCAR to Le Mans, from Australia’s Supercars series to the artistic craziness of drifting, and the Blue Oval is stealing the performance brand image back from Hemi-powered Hellcats. Main Topic powered by WARN Thursday Left Coys at 3:30 Compact snow/ice on the pass Cops didn’t care to pull anyone over Google gave us bad intel about camp location. Went to the wrong side of the lake. Bombed on some side trails in the snow to where we needed to be. Made it to camp at 10pm A few issues with the diesel heater Hit the sack at midnight. Friday Crazy high winds from 5am to 7am Had to get up at 5:30 to restake the rain fly & one hub that was popping in. Cheese dip for breakfast Finally got to wheeling 11am. Wheeled to Freemont Lookout point. 7,116′ Crazy high winds From there wheeled to Dead Indian Mountain. 7,011′ Also high winds Amazing antenna array Saw a herd of deer. Approx 25 does Lost my muffler Lots of snow drifts that slow to dead stop Winching, bubba ropes Fajitas for dinner Started snowing at 9pm C:36 miles wheeled 2:12 hr moving 3:22 stopped 16.2 moving average max speed 44.8mph Tannerite and fireworks Why the wheeling was so good Saturday Had to tape OD on Coy almost hits deer Josh can’t make it up hill Racing video Powerline trail 53 miles wheeled 14.9 moving average 42.2 max speed Cowboy dinner tree SUNDAY Leftovers for breakfast Stopped at fort rock food in sisters Pass was ok Detroit to home was ice Next Week:  WV State Senator Mark Maynard Closing Statements Thanks everyone who listens to us weekly and also to those who watch us live on YouTube.  We really appreciate you.  Please share us with your friends and help us grow.  God bless America! Don’t forget to visit Patriot Patch and join the Patch of the Month club. Check out our Gaia affiliate link for up to 40% off. Also, don’t forget to head over to Warn, Colby Valve, and 4Patriots to see all of their great products. We are a proud part of the Firearms Radio Network. Got a question or comment?  Send it to us through our Linktree account or by searching for Off Road Podcast.  Also, you can listen to us live at Mondays at 7 pm Pacific.  When off-road please remember to have fun, tread lightly, and be safe and courteous. Thanks for listening.