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ORP 387 – ABC’s of Off-Roading

This episode of the Off Road Podcast is Sponsored by WARN, Medical Gear Outfitters, and Colby Valve.

Off Road Podcast 387 – ABC’s of Off Roading

Tonight, Aaron saves some money, Jeremy falls in love with all seasons, Coy drives some doctors around, & Ben lays down the miles.

Welcome to the off-road podcast. A podcast about everything off-road. We cover the news, review products, and interview people in the off road industry.  Your hosts tonight are Aaron, Jeremy and my name is Ben.  Welcome to the show.

Jeremy – Got to test out my wifes new tires.

Aaron – Got the last of the suspension put together.  Had to chase the threads on the upper ball joint.  Replaced the power steering cooler and lines. Finished 3 of the sides of my shop. 

Coy – ice storm essential taxi, spent the day shooting (Are these two things related?) 

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News brought to you by Colby Valve

  • Motor Biscuit – Only 1 Midsize Truck Is Rated Most Reliable and Safest, and It’s Not a Toyota
    • Tacoma came in second
    • I’m sure they will start flying off the lot after we make this announcement. The winner is the Honda Ridgeline!
    • Only midsized truck with a unibody
    • Starts at $38,140, 12,000 more than the Tacoma
    • 10/10 in safety. 9/10 overall
    • Better horsepower and towing capability than the Tacoma
    • 2021 sales figures
      • Ridgeline 41,355
      • Tacoma 252,520
      • Ranger 94,755
      • Frontier 60,693
      • Colorado 70,338/GMC Canyon 24,125 = 74,463
      • Gladiator 89,712
      • Tacoma is 40% of the total midsized market
  • Motor Biscuit – Only 1 Pickup Truck Is No Longer Recommended by Consumer Reports
    • So what’s the one pickup that consumer reports does not recommend you buying? The Toyota Tundra
    • This is based on this years Consumer Reports customer satisfaction surveys
    • Main issues were loose trim pieces, body hardware problems, along with squeaks and leaks. One customer told CR that the roof of the truck was already leaking.
    • The chief engineer of the Toyota Tundra said that there have been issues with the redesigned Tundra. Claiming that such matters stemmed from supply chain challenges, semiconductor chip shortages, and various industry disruptions throughout the last few years.
    • Tundra not alone in loosing recommendation
      • 2023 Ford Bronco Sport had problems with the anti-lock brake system, engine issues, and unidentifiable noises.
      • Ford’s Mustang Mach-E also dropped off the list for 2023. Owners reports problems with the electrical system, battery cells, and charging inconsistencies.

Main Topic powered by WARN  

It’s the holidays and everyone is busy but we still wanted to get out a show.  This one may be a little short and a little silly but we just wanted to make sure that we got an episode out for our listeners.

A- Airing Down, Axles, Awning, Air Lockers

B- Bumpers, Bead Locks

C- Coil Overs, Colby Valves

D- Deadman, Anchor, Ditches

E- Exo Cage

F- First Aid kit, Fuel, Fairlead

G- Gladiator, Gazelle Tent, Gaia

H- Half Doors, Hubs, Hi Lift

I- Icon Shocks, IFS

J- Jerry Cans, Jack Stand ,JCR offroad, jeremy not wheeling

K- Kinetic Rope

L-Lumin Locker, Led Light Bar, Lockers

M- Mud Terrains, Molly panel, Moab

N- NORRA 1000, 

O- Overland Radio, Off Camber

P- Portals, Pull-Pal

Q- Quick Disconnect Sway Bars

R- Rock Crawling, Roof rack, Red-line, Rock Hard

S- Skottle, Soft Shackle, Snorkel, sand hollow

T- Trails, Twin Traction Beam, Trasharoo

U- UTV, u-joint, Utah

V- Vacuum Actuated Locker, Vision X Lights

W- Warn Winch Wench, Wheels


Y- Yukon Gears

Z- ZR2, ZJ

Closing Statements

Thanks everyone who listens to us weekly and also to those who watch us live on YouTube.  We really appreciate you.  Please share us with your friends and help us grow.  God bless America!

Don’t Forget to visit Patriot Patch and join the patch of the month club. Check out our Gaia affiliate link for up to 40% off. Also, don’t forget to head over to Warn, Medical Gear Outfitters, and Colby Valve to see all their great gear. We are a proud part of the firearms radio network. Got a question or comment?  Send it to us through our webpage at or through our social media channels by searching for Off Road Podcast.  Also, you can listen to us live at Mondays at 7pm Pacific.  When offroad please remember to have fun, tread lightly, be safe and courteous. Thanks for listening.