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Optics for Self Defense and Randy Miyan on Liberal Gun Owners Org (010)

In today’s Training Segment, Rob discusses the recent surge of ‘red dot optics’ appearing on factory pistols. Is this good? Is it bad? It’s cool, but is it right for self defensive, carry pistols? Are they all made the same or are there features to look for or to avoid? 

Next in the Politics Segment, Rob talks with Randy Miyan, CEO of Liberal Gun Owners. LGO was created to address the general belief that all gun owners are violence obsessed, deviants who can only be understood through “criminal and epidemiological studies of gun violence“. And that all Liberals are far left, Democrats and pacifists. Randy discusses with Rob LGO’s work and commitment to gun rights and public safety.

LGO’s has a regular blog and resource site, called LGO Lens as well as a podcast. Check them out today!

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