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Off Road Podcast 436 – Reversible VS Irreversible Mods

This episode of the Off Road Podcast is Sponsored by WARN, Colby Valve, and 4Patriots.

Tonight, Aaron gets fluffy, Coy wheels in a snow cone, & Ben hits the books

Welcome to the off-road podcast. A podcast about everything off-road. We cover the news, review products, and interview people in the off road industry.  Your hosts tonight are Aaron, Coy and my name is Ben.  Welcome to the show.

Coy – worst snow ever

Aaron – Bought some insulation for the shop.

Ben – studied hard

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News brought to you by Colby Valve

  • Motor Trend – Camp365 Is Unfolding the Future of Truck Bed Campers
    • A while back, we covered AWOL Outdoors’ Camp365, a unique towable camper trailer with an extremely compact footprint. The whole thing sophisticatedly un-flops from its aerodynamically triangular travel position to create a palatial tent palace with 96 sq-ft of living space. Tow small, live large—the theory isn’t hard to understand.
    • Camp365 has now reworked and shrunken this camper to fit in the bed of a pickup truck, transforming it from a towable trailer into a fold-out slide-in truck bed camper called the T Model. Likewise, haul small, live large isn’t hard to understand.
    • In its compact, folded travel mode, the T Model measures about 4 feet wide and 7 feet long, although at that length, it’ll overhang shorter beds even with the tailgate down. Lacking the standard cabover section and permanent box of a traditional slide-in camper, the T Model is low profile and aerodynamic, often able to tackle drive-throughs, parking garages, and other low-clearance areas. It weighs in at 700 to 800 pounds, depending on options.
    • Camp365 points out that all of the aforementioned attributes of the T Model truck bed camper—namely its travel size and weight—make it a great camper option for electric trucks like the Rivian R1T, Ford F-150 Lightning, Tesla Cybertruck, and more, where limiting range loss is important.
    • The Camp365 T easily detaches from the pickup and can be stored separately in a garage or shed, for example, enabling the truck to do conventional truck things on non-camping weekends. Camp365 says the drive-under/attach or detatch/pull-away process takes just a few minutes thanks to a patented mobility system.
    • With its side “wings” unfolded (which form the floor) and the cabin’s canopy fully assembled, the T Model transforms into a spacious 63 sq-foot (9-foot by 7-foot) cabin with 6 feet, 8 inches of headroom. Camp365 claims it has standing room for 12 tall people . The tiny home sleeps up to four adults (or a family of five) via folding queen, twin, or bunk bed systems.
    • On the inside, the T Model has dimmable LED lights, four USB charging ports, and two DC and 110V outlets powered by lithium-ion batteries. It’s solar ready and boasts Starlink satellite high-speed internet (that’s cool!) and a WIFI booster.
    • The fully electric RV amenities meet the needs of its occupants. There is hot water for showering and cooking thanks to a 12-volt hot water heater and 24 gallons of fresh water. A portable water purification UV and carbon filtration system helps filter water. Also included is an electric heater and air conditioner for keeping indoor conditions ideal, maximized by “patented dual-layer air gap insulation.” A portable toilet is present. When it comes to cooking, there is a portable induction cooktop that slides out of the nose cone for indoor or outdoor cooking. There’s also a sink, faucet, and folding table for internal and external food prep.
    • The Camp365 T Model will be manufactured at plants in Iowa and Minnesota, with production beginning in the summer. It can be reserved now for a $100 fully-refundable deposit. As for the price? Expect an entry point of $25,000 for this tiny family cabin.
  • Autoblog – 2024 Honda Ridgeline Preview: Now with 100% more TrailSport!
    • The 2024 Honda Ridgeline is getting the TrailSport treatment along with a number of key interior updates for the entire lineup
    • The suspension gets unique spring rates, damper valve tuning and stabilizer bars.
    • The tires are General Grabber A/T Sports – the same all-terrains found on the Passport TrailSport, but different than the Continental TerrainContacts of the Pilot.
    • The TrailSport gets a unique grille insert complete with Pewter Gray finishing, a color also on the special-to-TrailSport 18-inch wheels and lower fascia garnish.
    • The Diffused Sky Blue paint seen here is a TrailSport special, first seen on the Pilot and now Ridgeline and Passport.
    • Ground clearance remains unchanged from the already lifted Ridgeline, while the torque-vectoring i-VTM4 all-wheel-drive system is so good that it’s not surprising that Honda left it alone for TrailSport duty.
    • The entire 2024 lineup has “RIDGELINE” is now stamped in huge font across the dual-action tailgate.
    • Pricing was not available at the time of this writing, but we do know that the 2024 Ridgeline will begin arriving in dealers this December.

Main Topic powered by WARN  

What makes mods reversible?

  • Bolt on with factory fastener locations
  • Replaces factory parts
  • Easily removed and Factory part can go back on
  • Removing parts and leaving them off

What things cause mods to be irreversible?

  • Modifying into a wiring harness
  • Using cutting tools to trim, clearance, or cut material 
  • Drilling through body panels
  • Frame modifications

Why would you want reversible mods?

  • Want to keep vehicle original
  • Vehicle is a lease
  • OEM can be more reliable


Tires/wheels/wheel spacers

Lift kits

Most winch bumpers

Sway bar delete

Snorkels* Ditch lights


Vinyl wraps

Stereo & Speakers

Skid plates

Bolt on Sliders

Aftermarket headlights or tail lights

Canopy or bed covers

Throttle controllers

CPU tuners


Baby poop yellow raptor liner

Hidden winch bumpers


SAS swaps

Paint or textures liner

Some engine swaps

Adding rocker switches to the interior

Body mount chops

Light bars

Bed bobs & dovetail

Antenna mounts


LED/HID headlight projector retrofits

Trimming fenders for larger tires/fender flares

High clearance bed cut

Next Week:  Glue Tread

Closing Statements

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