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Off Road Podcast 434 – Christmas Gift Guide

This episode of the Off Road Podcast is Sponsored by WARN, Colby Valve, and 4Patriots.

Tonight, Aaron can’t get stuck, Coy goes to Vegas, & Ben get re-certified

Welcome to the off-road podcast. A podcast about everything off-road. We cover the news, review products, and interview people in the off road industry. Your hosts tonight are Aaron, Coy and my name is Ben. Welcome to the show.

Coy – Streets of vegas F1 race
Aaron – Packing for a cold weather camp trip. Put on a recovery class.
Ben – Got CPR and first aid card updated

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News brought to you by Colby Valve
Only 1 news story this week
A – Motor Trend – Toyota’s $10,000 Pickup Truck
Countries around the world get the Toyota Hilux pickup. MSRP is $15,200 to start. Turns out that is a bit too spendy for some markets.
The Toyota IMV 0 intends to fill in that low-cost space beneath the Hilux with a target starting price of $10,000.
It made its debut at the 2023 Japan Mobility Show, wearing cool Land Cruiser 70 Series style.
Toyota has rethought every inch if this truck with an eye toward cost optimization and delivering everything that’s absolutely necessary and nothing that’s not. The development team even invited upfitters from around the globe to weigh in on how to better optimize the chassis and cab for to prepare them for aftermarket builds.
Here is what’s included & what’s been left out:
All flat glazing for the windshield, side, and rear windows
Flatbed with no sides as standard, with a limited number of upgrades like the drop-side model we drove
No anti-lock braking, but a load-sensitive proportioning valve is standard, and ABS will be optional (Hilux’s standard ABS makes it difficult for upfitters to install heavier-duty rear axles)
No airbags (these will also be optionally available or standard in some markets)
No armrests, just door pockets that double as door pulls
Crank windows
Plastic and rubber galore inside
Hilux control-arm, coil-sprung front/leaf-sprung rear chassis easily upgraded for higher GVWR
Exact powertrain specs have not been disclosed, but we presume our example was fitted with the Hilux’s entry 2.0-liter 139-hp four-cylinder gas engine and a five-speed manual transmission. (We’re guessing the diesel will be the 2.4-liter 150-hp Hilux unit, but several engines are likely to be offered.)
Don’t bet on the IMV 0 name to make production. Some believe Hilux Champ could be the actual name.

Main Topic powered by WARN


Listener submissions:
Diesel heater, Trasharoo, Ignik Portable Fire Pit, 4 USB port 12v adapter, Tool Roll, Baofeng ham radio, Kinetic recovery rope, & weld on recovery points.

Nikson Overland:
Off road training classes

I’m easy to please…. I just want an all expenses paid Jeep trip thru the Australian Outback. During Christmas so it’s nice and warm there.

Warn 10k Winch and maxtrax recovery boards

Chuck: colby valve
Badlands off-road jack, Case of hot hands hand warmers for snow wheeling, Trailer winch, Glue tread, Soft shackles, New tree saver, Good set of gloves, Extra battery for my Stihl electric saw, Hydro assist

I’d love a factor 55 kinetic recovery rope for Christmas!

I want a Bomber fab chassis kit for Christmas. I have been a good boy I promise.

Robert: patriot patch
I would love to get a 4 link kit from western Canadian Rockwell for my Blazer. I’m about done with these Chevy 63s lol. Oh, and some Fuel gift cards.

Flint: sema swag
My list would include a holley terminator x max, to control and tune the ls swap I’m going to swap into the blazer buggy. That or maybe some fresh rubber for my beadlocks. The 40″ pitbull growlers are ripped up on every sidewall, but still hold air (for a few hours) and get good enough traction. I’ve been enjoying the podcast. It needs more full size content but that’s alright😂 I attached some pictures of my rigs for fun.

A Warn recovery gear kit/bag would be awesome!

Cavan: 4 patriots
For Christmas I want a 12k Warn winch and a dual transfer case for my 1980 Toyota pickup.

Kenny: warn
A 20-25ft 10,000 tilt deck over trailer.
Why, I don’t have one, they are cool, and more toys fit on it then a car hauler (which I have).

Stocking Stuffer ideas from Chat GPT
Compact Off-Road Tool Kit
LED Headlamp or Flashlight
Trail Snacks
Off-Road Recovery Gear
Waterproof Gear Bags
Off-Road Stickers and Decals

Aaron: Car Internal and External Temperature Display $28
Ben: factor 55 fast fid $47
Coy: dirt gorilla trail-mat-topographic $43

Ben: body mount relocation 149$
Coy: all 8 BCDR maps $145
Aaron: Vevor 8k all in one diesel heater $156

Northwest fab eco crawler kit $1699 for 2.57.1 reduction
Aaron: Kenda Klever M/T2 $2,362.50
Ben: MPRP Exhaust $298

Aaron: Portal Axles for the Frontier $???
Ben: weld 74 portal 20k
Coy: werewolf offroad portals, tire inflation system and wheels.$14,500 $3,000 and contact for price

Next Week: Blue Ribbon Coalition
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

Closing Statements
Thanks everyone who listens to us weekly and also to those who watch us live on YouTube. We really appreciate you. Please share us with your friends and help us grow. God bless America!

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