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Off Road Podcast 378 – 74 Weld

This episode of the Off Road Podcast is Sponsored by WARN, Medical Gear Outfitters, and Colby Valve.

Tonight, Aaron kills some chickens, Coy gets ready to leave, Jeremy has a birthday party to attend, & Ben makes a grand appearance

Welcome to the off-road podcast. A podcast about everything off-road. We cover the news, review products, and interview people in the off road industry.  Your hosts tonight are Aaron and Coy, my name is Ben, and our guest Quinn Welcome to the show.

The week in review is brought to you by Medical gear outfitters

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Aaron – Butchered 115 chickens.  Put in all the screws for the panels I installed last week.  Moved the Titan into the RV port on the shop so that the front end can be pulled apart.

Ben – 

Quinn – 

We also want to thank our sponsor, Patriot Patch. Head over to and check out their selection of great patches, shirts, cleaning mats, signs, and stickers.  You can also join the patch of the month club for 15 bucks and receive a patch, matching sticker, and artist proof each month.

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News brought to you by Colby Valve

  • Kilow EV
    • French made
    • 18-inch wheels
    • 0-24mph in 4 secs
    • Depending on how it’s configured, the car offers up to 87 miles of range, but load weight is capped at just 330 pounds
    • non-license version is limited to a top speed of 28 mph. The version that requires a license can reach 50 mph
    • Kilow starts at  $9,855
  • Fox News – Mini Moke Makes a Return
    • The Moke was originally designed as a lightweight shippable vehicle for military use, but became popular as an affordable utility vehicle in rural areas and as a beach cruiser.
    • U.S. sales of the original ended in 1982. Production was discontinued in 1993, but has been rebooted in the U.K. by the newly-formed Moke International with an updated take using electric power.
    • The Moke Californian will be exported to the U.S. under the terms of the recently-established low-volume motor vehicle manufacturers regulations, which allow companies to sell up to 325 officially-licensed replicas of vehicles that are at least 25 years old annually without having to meet current safety standards.
    • The 44 horsepower Moke Californian is technically highway legal, but still intended to be more of a runabout with a top speed of 50 mph and a range of 80 miles per charge.
    • Pricing for the U.S. has not been announced, but a launch edition sold overseas starts at around $40,000, which is about what one of the original gas-powered models in good condition is worth today.

Main Topic powered by WARN  

Fast Five Facts   

1. New or old vehicle? 

2. Summer or winter camping?

3. Rock, Sand, Snow, or Mud?

4. Favorite vehicle brand?

5. Favorite tire?

What is your advice to someone new to offroading?

Tell us about you

How did you get started in off-roading?  

What do you drive now?

What’s your most embarrassing moment on the trail?

Biggest win on the trail?

Tell us about your business

What rigs are you building portals for currently?

How much modification is needed for your portals to go on a jeep?

What are the challenges of building these complex systems?

Will you explain to us how portals change the gear ratio of a vehicle  without messing with any of the gears in the main drivetrain?

What’s the difference between a portal on a solid axle and an independent suspension?

How are your portals different from portals on Unimogs & Humvees?

Streetability and expected mileage of use before rebuild?

What do your portals cost for Jeeps?

Do you have any future platforms or upcoming products you can tell us about?

Where can our listeners find you?

  • Facebook- 
  • Youtube-
  • Instagram-
  • Web- 

Coy, where can our listeners find you & your podcast?

Closing Statements

Thanks everyone who listens to us weekly and also to those who watch us live on YouTube.  We really appreciate you.  Please share us with your friends and help us grow.  God bless America!
Don’t Forget to visit Patriot Patch and join the patch of the month club. Check out our Gaia affiliate link for up to 40% off. Also, don’t forget to head over to Warn, Medical Gear Outfitters, and Colby Valve to see all their great gear. We are a proud part of the firearms radio network. Got a question or comment?  Send it to us through our webpage at or through our social media channels by searching for Off Road Podcast.  Also, you can listen to us live at Mondays at 7pm Pacific.  When offroad please remember to have fun, tread lightly, be safe and courteous. Thanks for listening.