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Off Road Podcast 331 – Suzuki Jimny Talk

This episode of the Off-Road Podcast is Sponsored by WARN, Power Tank, and Medical Gear Outfitters.

Tonight, Aaron calls a muffler shop, Jeremy is actually here, Andy breaks some hearts & Ben reaches out to Mother Russia.

Welcome to the off-road podcast. A podcast about everything off-road. We cover the news, review products, and interview people in the off-road industry.  I’m your host Ben and I’m here with my co-hosts Aaron & Jeremy, our guest host Andy and our guest Tony who is currently in the future.  Welcome to the show.


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Jeremy – Had a random horn issue. Also had a squeak from my serpentine belt.

Aaron – Finally found an exhaust shop that will touch my truck.  

Ben – Finally feeling better and planning on starting work on the 4runner soon.. Did get an email on the bremach pre-order 

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  • Off road only electric pickup truck
    • Kandi America K32
    • $27,699 for the 60 mile range
    • $34,499 for the 150 mile range
    • Similar size to a Toyota Tacoma
    • 265/65r17 tire (30.6”x10.4”)
    • 4,100lbs
    • AWD
    • 10” touch screen with bluetooth, backup camera, and a digital gauge cluster
    • Very car like interior unlike SxSs
    • Not street legal
  • Drop in electric axle
    • Obviously for vehicles with a traditional body on frame
    • 120 & 250 kW power range
    • 1 & 2 motor versions in development with the 2 motor having torque vectoring
    • Can be used with leafs or coils
    • Similar weight of a heavy duty solid axle (batteries excluded)
    • No pricing yet


Fast Five Facts   

1. New or old vehicle? 

2. Summer or winter camping?

3. Rock, Sand, Snow or Mud?

4. Favorite vehicle brand?

5. Favorite tire?

Tell us about you

How did you get started in off-roading?  

What do you drive now?

What was the first vehicle you took off-road?

What’s your most embarrassing moment on the trail?

Biggest win on the trail?

Where is your favorite place to wheel?

Any places you want to go that you haven’t gone?

Jimny questions

What is Micro Overlanding? Pros and cons?

The best thing about the Jimny?

The worst thing about the Jimny?

What have you done to the Jimny to modify it?

Is there any accessory for the Jimny that you’d like to see that isn’t made?

Any Mods you wish you could do that you can’t do in Australia?  

Where can our listeners find you?

  • Youtube-The Mighty Jimny
  • Instagram-@themightyjimny


Thanks everyone who listens to us weekly and also to those who watch us live on YouTube.  We really appreciate you.  Please share us with your friends and help us grow.  God bless America!

Don’t Forget to visit Patriot Patch and join the patch of the month club. Check out our Gaia affiliate link for up to 40% off. Also, don’t forget to head over to Warn and Powertank to see all their great gear. We are a proud part of the firearms radio network. Got a question or comment?  Send it to us through our webpage at or through our social media channels by searching for Off Road Podcast.  Also, you can listen to us live at Mondays at 7pm Pacific.  When offroad please remember to have fun, tread lightly, be safe and courteous. Thanks for listening.