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The Maglife Podcast 166 – The Defensive Shooting: What Do You Do After?

Scan and Assess

Should you scan after a defensive shooting?

2:00 VF says,

“I try not to be dogmatic about (this is what you do [after] every time you pull the trigger), you do this exact procedure.

It’s more about trying to find out what the environment is telling me and what the highest priority need is going to be.

The first one is going to be safety, then after that, we look at; do we need to fight more?

2:34 DS suggests the questions you should be thinking to determine your next priority,

“This threat… does it need more bullets? Is it over? Can I stop shooting to evacuate my child? Is there anything else here that can hurt me?

There’s this idea that you can’t leave the scene and where it came from I don’t know.

It’s situational…”

4:24 VF says, “If it’s important enough to shoot, it’s important enough to make sure its shot. From there, the tasks are prioritized by the environment

[Ask yourself] …what are the highest threats to my safety and what are the avenues to deal with it?

If someone wants to train scans, I’m ok with it, I just encourage people not to do it every single time they shoot.”

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