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The MagLife Podcast 175 – PHLster: Creating an Enigma

This week, Daniel speaks with Jon and Sarah Hauptman, founders of PHLster Holsters. While kydex holsters are a dime a dozen in this industry, PHLster has managed to produce genuinely innovative products by hyper-focusing on real-world application, ergonomics, and anatomical conformity in their designs. They made a splash in the gun world with their truly universal holster known as the Floodlight and more recently the Enigma concealment system.

Jon and Sarah tell their story in how PHLster was founded, what led to their unique designs, the obstacles they faced, what the concealed carry holster industry has been missing, and what the future holds for them.

If you’re in search of new conceal carry options, take a listen and you might find PHLster has something for you.

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