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LRA S2E3 – Kyle Grob KGM

Kyle Grob KGM Technologies

Went to college for mechanical engineering then started a business building custom cars and motorcycles. Started KG Made in 2012 as a machine shop and project shop. Starting building suppressors in 2016. Two years ago they were contacted to do 2 large OEM suppressors. Doing 12k suppressors a month.

Most KGM cans are built out of titanium made for the precision rifles but they do have some cans built for hard full auto use. The benefit of titanium is having high tensile strength. Has the lightness of aluminum but the durability of stainless. 

 Recoil Management for a suppressor. They did a ton of R&D on how to make it so the suppressor which they created the APEK.

Direct thread vs mount: if you go taper mount that is best. 

SIG m17/m18 Trigger pack upgrade