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LRA S2E16 – Chip Woox

Chip Hunnicutt

Vice President, Marketing

Been w/ WOOX since November 2021. Been in the hunting & shooting industry for 12 years.

WOOX stands apart from other companies for a few reasons:

1. While the brand was established less than three years ago, the founder, Danilo Minelli, is a member of the Minelli family that owns and operates Minelli Group, an 85-year old company world renowned for their craftsmanship in woodworking. Having that kind of knowledge and backing is special and, when coupled with Danilo’s design expertise, enables WOOX to produce truly special, heirloom-quality for outdoorsmen.

2 .WOOX is based in the USA. Sure, we’re the “wild child” of an Italian company, but being based in the U.S. was important. That’s our target market, that’s where we source most of the wood we used in our products. Hickory, North Carolina is widely regarded as the “furniture capital of the world” and there are a remarkable number of craftsman and folks who love working in wood in the area, making the ideal location for us.

3. The “X” in “WOOX” represents the crossroads of future and tradition and that’s what our customers love about our products. Nothing comes close to the appeal of real wood, and nothing comes close to what WOOX is designing for outdoorsmen in wood.

Talking points:

1. What gear does WOOX produce? Stocks and chassis; axes; knives; accessories.

2. What’s special about your gun chassis? WOOX chassis are milled from aircraft-grade aluminum, ie they’re freaking tough. WOOX then makes buttstocks and fore ends that fit on these chassis. Want to mix and match? Any of our stocks will fit on any of our chassis. Secondly, these aren’t your granddad’s stocks – WOOX stocks feature modern conveniences, like M-LOK rails, QD attachment points, adjustable LOP and cheek risers. 

3. In 2022 WOOX will be adding more compatible platforms to its chassis lineup plus three all-new designs:

a) Furiosa Ultra for PRS competition and the Titano for F-class will both use a new chassis that is 3” longer than the standard Furiosa and include our new Suspense adjustable stabilizer system. The Ultra will have a full-length Arca rail and the Titano has a wide, flat foreend. Wider barrel channels will accommodate large calibers both are made of aircraft-grade aluminum and the stocks of American Walnut.

b) Gladiatore stock, grip and fore end for Mossberg 500 / 590 shotguns. This is WOOX’ first foray into shotguns and we’re giving customers a choice of a full shoulder shoulder stock or a club grip, plus a fore end with integrated M-LOK panels.

c) Compatibility with the Ruger American. Folks love their Americans and this has been our top-requested platform. We can’t wait to get it out there.

Anything new to announce:

If you’d like a crack at winning some sweet gear, there are two ways: subscribe to our newsletter at or tag us on social media using #wooxoutdoors and you could be among the first to get new releases or land some sweet swag.
Use coupon code LRA100 for $100 off any stock or chassis at Expires May 31.

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