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LRA S2E14 Shannon From PRS

Talking Points – 

Growth of the PRS Rimfire Series

How Pro Series matches are selected each season

Recent PRS Rule Updates

2022 Rimfire and Pro Series Finale Locations

The PRS Ag Series 

2022 GAP Grind Pro/Am upcoming registration – largest PRS match in the world. 

About the PRS – 

The PRS Championship Shooting Series is synonymous with precision rifle shooting. The PRS is home to countless competitors including 7,000 active PRS shooters with scores being tracked. The PRS unites the 40 most renowned national pro series precision rifle competitions and continues to expand the PRS Regional and Rimfire Series, which hosts more than 800 one-day matches from coast to coast. The International PRS Series is advancing in South Africa and Australia to name a few. The influence of the PRS, with more than 1000 professional-level competitors and a growing global presence, extends in every conceivable direction inspiring the precision rifle community at its grassroots, hometown level.  

We are recognized as the leading organizing body for local, regional, and national matches, tracking of scores and the growth of the practical, long-range rifle discipline. By incorporating the visions of the PRS shooters, match directors, and sponsors we strive to achieve competitive excellence in each series and cultivate opportunities for shooters at every level. The PRS is committed to working alongside our partners to deliver a world-class Precision Rifle Series Organization.  The outlaw nature of the sport has made this a very unique collection of matches in all of the series. Matches are run very differently, focus on different fundamentals, and include a vast number of stressors, no two PRS matches are the same! This provides for regional variances that are unique and very challenging. Texas and Oklahoma matches are far different from the west coast and east coast matches and allow the shooter to really test the full extent of their capabilities by participating in both the national level Pro-Bolt Gun Series two-day competitions and the local Regional Series one-day competitions.  

Born out of Military, Law Enforcement and Hunting scenarios, the practical application of the precision rifle is the underlying theme for all series.