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LRA S2E1 – Kelbly Rifles

Ian Kelbly of Kelbly rifles

Started shooting F Class at the age of 18 and it spiraled downhill after that. The long-range bug bit him and he’s been shooting PRS NRL style matches from the start.


– Manufacture their own patterns and molds in-house. Purpose-built for the application that it is going to be used in. From F Class to Tactical applications they have a stock that will fit the need of the end-user.


Multiple different action from the Atlas Tactical to the Black Bear Tactical for the tactical competition shooters. Their aluminum actions are developed mainly for F Class/Benchrest style shooting.


It was created to make it so you can get a custom Kelblys rifle at your local gun store. Comes with a Krieger Barrel, BixnAndy trigger, Greyboe stock, and Atlas Tactical action.