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LRA 034 – Brian McCombie- Outdoor Writer

LRA Show 2.png
  • Brian McCombie writer for gun, hunting publications and websites. 
  • Recently finished a long range course from outdoor solutions.
  • Most of brians articles are on guns america digest, nra hunters leadership forum, outdoor life online. Print NRA field hunter magazine.
  • Brians hunt in texas for pigs shooting a suppressed muzzle loader from silencerco at night.
  • Print Vs Internet. Seeing more magazines getting specialized in what they put in their magazine. Itll become long range shooting specific as opposed to long range and camping gear.
  • Brians background- realized in college that he wanted to be a writer in college. Went to teach in kansas but realized he wanted to freelance write. Starting in 2013 
  • Brians work is published in Guns America Digest, Hunt 365, Americas first freedom, Hunters Leadership Forum, McCombies Hog Hunting