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LRA 033 – LRT BS Session

Today we have on the show Cole, JD, John, Leslye and Tyler.

  • Give away 
    • 1- #150 pyro putty
    • 2- #332 fix it sticks
    • 3- #38 phoneskope

-John after firing always zeros out his scope then will put his next stage dope into the scope and will zero out his parallax

  • JD everything will go to zero and power will go back. He’ll set his watch to 5 minutes and complain to eachother about what happened then get right back into game mode.
  • Leslye, everything was different from shooting pistol matches. You get the stage brief and you have to come up with your own plan on how to engage the targets. 
  • JD coming off a stage that you bombed just come off and laugh at yourself and pick one thing to fix.
  • Leslye coming into shooting her first precision rifle match. Telling herself go into it with an open mind. I borrowed a gun and ammo and just learn.
  • Leslye, overwhelming urge to put the magnification to maximum. Give yourself just enough magnification so that you can see what the bullet did, so that you can make a correction.
  • How do you slow down and focus on what is going on? John, practice and understanding of the bullet doesnt lie. Trust what the round did. Give yourself time to breathe. JD, before engaging the target he’ll take two deep breathes before engaging the target. Be the bold guy make that bold wind call.
  • John, How do you help people that have gone off the rails. Most of it comes down to experience.