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Let’s Go Hunt 063 – I Can’t Believe it’s not Mergin: GLFA Accuracy Impressions, Ducks, and Food

Welcome back to another episode of Let’s Go Hunt! – the everyman’s hunting and outdoor podcast.. We aren’t experts, but we’re out there doing it. Join us on our journey!  As always we have:

Dave Packard, crack extraordinaire 

Mike Gonçalves, R for R and R

Sam Alexander, subject to the requirements of the state.

And, doing the worst kind of hunting, I’m Vince Holedigger


Tonight! The latest in competitive duck hunting with scoped rifles!



  • Taking the kid hunting:  Notes.
    Part of the joy is getting the kiddo excited about hunting.  I suggested we bring her toy shotgun I got her for Christmas, and she could fake shoot when I real shoot.
    It went about as well as you would think taking a six year old duck hunting goes.
  • The final day of ducks.  Not much happened in the morning.  Went road hunting up and down, much further than I normally have done.
    Put a stalk on a set almost immediately and botched it.  Not badly, but enough that I learned from it.
    Not much happened after that; drove around, listened to tunes and looked for birds in the water.
    Just as I was about to turn around and head back to the decoys, spotted birds.  Put a stalk on em, and then, had quite the hunt.
  • Back to the decoys, all quiet.  Decided to go for a walk up the cuz I knew there was probably birds in the bend.  Went in about 550 yards.  


  • Ruger American Rifle Gen 2


  • Note: Saving this for the next episode.
  • Preferred magnification range for a hunting scope. The long standing opinion seems to point to 3-9×40. My optic for the past year has been a 5-25×56, which I found to be a bit too bulky and heavy. Currently looking at 3-18×50 as a happy middle ground.
  • Touch on differences between western style backcountry hunting and hunting in midwestern and eastern states with much shorter lines of sight.



    • I RO’d and ran the Winter Run’N’Gun at the Burial Mound Shooting Center in Pawnee Ok
      1. Decent shooting, bad decisions 
      2. Getting settled and building positions
      3. Shooting improving 
      4. Bad conditions, better clothing 
        • ECWCS vs packable insulation
      5. Practice, physical  and mental preparations 
  • I’m still on the wait list for the ODWC Trapping Workshop.
  • VDSM

Outro – Mike

Support the sport and take a buddy hunting!  Get some trauma training.  If you enjoy us, share us with your friends and family!    Follow us on Instagram @letsgohuntpodcast and Reddit at r/LetsGoHuntPodcast. Check the show notes for info on Initiative 91, the ban on cat hunting in Colorado.  Thanks for listening and Let’s Go Hunt! 

Coloradans for Responsible Wildlife Management


Initiative 91 – Bobcat, Mountain Lion, Lynx hunting ban