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Let’s Go Hunt 059 – Fully Automatic Burrito

Welcome back to another episode of Let’s Go Hunt! – the everyman’s hunting and outdoor podcast.. We aren’t experts, but we’re out there doing it. Join us on our journey!  As always we have:

  • Dave Packard, who is tired of this mother fuckin reception on these mother fuckin plains
  • Sam Alexander, who would like to remind everyone that Mickey Mouse is now officially in the public domain
  • Mike Gonçalves, who’s really working on the “hunting” portion of it…
  • And I’m  Vince H…? Who is working on some “getting”

Tonight we’re talking about duck calls, Christmas hauls, new gear, and a new year


  • Notes on the monocular
  • Duck hunting and a boat
  • The new hunting pack
  • New duck and goose call!


  • Christmas haul
  • Earth Pak dry bag
  • Found some bucks fighting


  • People getting lost and it’s probably their fault


  • Ohio Record buck poached? (maybe, not sure what else there would be to say about it)
  • ODWC Trapping Workshop, I’m on the wait list
  • Shotguns are for children

Outro – Mike

Support the sport and take a buddy hunting!  Get some trauma training.  If you enjoy us, share us with your friends and family!    Follow us on Instagram @letsgohuntpodcast. Check the show notes for info on Initiative 91, the ban on cat hunting in Colorado.  Thanks for listening and Let’s Go Hunt! 

Coloradans for Responsible Wildlife Management

Initiative 91 – Bobcat, Mountain Lion, Lynx hunting ban