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Let’s Go Hunt 058 – Nobody Puts Pilgrim In The Corner

Intro – Mike

Welcome back to another episode of Let’s Go Hunt! – the everyman’s hunting and outdoor podcast.. We aren’t experts, but we’re out there doing it. Join us on our journey!  As always we have:

Dave Packard, who says torx is superior to hex key

Sam Alexander, who is currently in the act of committing chemical warfare against his own body,

Father Christmas, who’s not feeling it this year

And I’m Mike Gonçalves, Toyota tinkerer


  • The Monocular Report:  I got a monocular!?
  • Trailer Stuff
  • Tree stand lesson – wear a harness
  • Prado timing belt


  • Transitioning from big game to predator


  • People getting lost and it’s probably their fault


  • stuff

Outro – Sam

Don’t just be a hunting advocate, support your Second Amendment groups and conservation efforts locally and nationally.   Get some trauma training.  If you enjoy us, share us with your friends and family!   Follow us on Instagram @letsgohuntpodcast, and send us your game recipes! Find some information  about Initiative #91, the ban on cat hunting in Colorado in the show notes below.  Thanks for listening and Let’s Go Hunt! 

Coloradans for Responsible Wildlife Management


Initiative 91 – Bobcat, Mountain Lion, Lynx hunting ban