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Let’s Go Hunt 057 – Choke Chart: A Good Old Fashioned Go

Intro – Sam

Welcome back to another episode of Let’s Go Hunt! – the everyman’s hunting and outdoor podcast.. We aren’t experts, but we’re out there doing it. Join us on our journey!  As always we have:

Mike Gonçalves, pleasant pheasanter

 Dave Packard, who Sam caught in the act

And recently returned from a good old fashioned goose shootout, I’m Sam Alexander, 

Tonight, we’re talking about bird


  • The Monocular Report:  I’m not the only guy! – Read it
  • Pheasants with Dooley and Garth from AR15 Podcast. 
    Dooley taught me a lil thing about chokes that probably most everyone knows.
    The wood, the dog and the gully

Muzzle awareness while hunting
The Retay Report – …..
What happened after.
Road Hunting- poor Garth

  • Day after, planned to hunt but went to the SD State Capitol instead.  Road tripped home
  • Prado out of park issue. It ain’t got no gas in it!



  • Geesers and Craners ‘unt. 

Outro – Dave

Don’t just be a hunting advocate, support your Second Amendment groups and conservation efforts locally and nationally.   Get some trauma training.  If you enjoy us, share us with your friends and family!   Follow us on Instagram @letsgohuntpodcast, and send us your game recipes! Find some information  about Initiative #91, the ban on cat hunting in Colorado in the show notes below.  Thanks for listening and Let’s Go Hunt! 

Coloradans for Responsible Wildlife Management


Initiative 91 – Bobcat, Mountain Lion, Lynx hunting ban


Chris Knut

Just listened to the latest pod, I can’t agree with Mike more about monoculars. I’ve looked through almost every pair of binos available, went to lots of big box stores bass pro, cabelas, local gun shops and I can’t get my eyes to work with them. Even the $3000 ones. My eye doctor says because one of my eyes is weaker than the other, it messes with the focusing. I settled on a Vortex Solo 8x Tactical R/T. I couldn’t hand hold the 15x, to much wobbling and shaking at that power. But the 8x is where it’s at and they can be had in the $150 price range.