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Let’s Go Hunt 039 – Thought Through Thoughts: The Coyote Hunt

Welcome back to another episode of Let’s Go Hunt! – the everyman’s hunting and outdoor podcast.. We aren’t experts, but we’re out there doing it. Join us on our journey!  As always we have:

Sam Alexander, who’s still seeing green.

 Dave Packard whose Christmas list just got real expensive

And I’m –

Mike Gonçalves – who’s seen the green and now wants the green screen for seeing

Tonight we’re discussing coyotes n stuff


  • Coyote hunt – mixed some prairie doggin’ in
  • I’m the old guy.  Fk it
  • Time for a can  Combo combat/hunting can.  Something that can take 3 rounds of .30-06 or 300 of 5.56
  • The hydration…


  • Coyote hunt
    • I used ATN Night vision scope, could use upgrade with illumination
    • Granted written permission from landowners (Tom, Levi, Zaylon, Kaleb, and Corbey)
    • Lucky Duck Roughneck
    • I needs me a Ruger RPR in 17hmr


  • All the coyote things
  • All the prairie dog things
  • Explodable tires
  • I needs me a suppressor
  • Definite drawback of night vision compared to thermals in spotting incoming game.
  • Future plans for making coyote hunting a storyline in Season Two of Let’s Go Hunt, right after the unnecessary nudity and killing off of two of our primary protagonists.

FRN patch giveaway – preliminary deets: FRN was started 12 years ago by Jake Challand, who handed the reigns off to fellah named Shawn Herrin. Jake runs Patriot Patch Company, and to celebrate 12 years FRN is giving away patches to its listeners. Yada yada yada, blah blah blah.

Review giveaway.

Details on a randomly selected giveaway will drop soon, keep up on our instagram. 

Outro – Dave

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