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Let’s Go Hunt 036 – Gnatsty

Welcome to another episode of Let’s Go Hunt! – the everyman’s hunting and outdoor podcast.. We aren’t experts, but we’re out there doing it. Join us on our journey!  As always we have:

Sam Alexander, who’s have way too much time on his hands if he had hands.

Dave Packard who says if you have to walk through gnats – exhale

And I’m –

 Mike Gonçalves – Keeper aliver of plants…so far

Tonight we’re discussing things and stuff.


  • Got some killer crawfish boil advice in LA
  • Didn’t go, but it’s a religion down there and it was awesome to meet some people
  • Heading up to Spokane for fishing and maybe camping with the inlaws.
  • Secondary draw put in stuff
  • Details for secondary – do deep digging and apply for it all.  Equal chances more or less.


  • Secondary Draw opens tomorrow 6/21/2023, ends 6/30/2023 8pm
  • Went thru the canyons, mild scouting trip


  • So I bought some stuff.
  • Boot stuff – bit of a fudd, I would prefer an all leather boot instead of a mix.
  • Pack stuff.
  • Beaver stuff – beaver quarter recipe from Meat Eater book
  • Archery elk packing stuff.
  • We have plans to predator hunt on July 29th stuff.
  • Black bear potential for secondary draw

Outro – Dave

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