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Let’s Go Hunt 020 – Clip the Tip

Welcome to another episode of Let’s Go Hunt! – the everyman’s hunting podcast.. We aren’t experts, but we’re out there doing it. Join us on our journey!  As always we have:

Dave Packard who is hopeful for this year’s draw

Mike Gonçalves, who’s got his sights on hunting season

Sam Alexander, 

Tonight we’re talking about the Colorado draw that just opened up, and how I am the world’s greatest fur trapper. 


Review from 

WRKSteele, 02/27/2023

5 skulls

A great podcast for those that are starting or thinking about getting into hunting. It’s like sitting around the fire with a couple of buddies after a long day of being in the woods and telling stories.

March 1st draw opened up, brief plans


  • Daughter passed hunter safety, with much stress from myself
  • Colorado draw is on
  • Dont forget to re-up small game and fishing licenses this month
  • Planning fall turkey hunt with the kid
  • Choice options for colorado 
  • Will be putting in for moose, mt goat and RMBH sheep


  • Went trapping. I suck.
  • Learnin’ valuable lessons
  • Right now really might not be the best time of year to trap, at least not with bulky ass live traps
  • 30lb toddler, 30lb traps
  • Set on what seemed to be clear runs, but no activity
  • Don’t even think castor mounds would be effective since the beavers didn’t even breach the ¼” of ice that had formed overnight on Wednesday, and hadn’t breached it on Thursday either.
  • Decided five days of non-activity was enough, so I pulled them earlier than planned. 
  • Waiting for a warm week in April, so hopefully then they’ll be in the mood to breed and also be out moving around more and being territorial.
  • One thing I gotta say, this kind of activity with trapping is exactly why I love public land. That creek, once you’re down out of sight of the road, is basically untouched from where it’s been for the last millenia. Walking the same terrain as trappers and whoever else came before.
  • Final thoughts on this topic are that there’s a local convention/rendezvous held in Colorado thanks to the courtesy of the Colorado Trapper and Predator Hunter Association. Gotta go there to lern me some skillz.  

Outro- Dave

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