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Let’s Go Hunt 019 – Key Stick

Welcome to another episode of Let’s Go Hunt! – the everyman’s hunting podcast.. We aren’t experts, but we’re out there doing it. Join us on our journey!  As always we have:

Sam Alexander, our resident damsel in distress

Mike Gonçalves, ceiling shooter

And I’m Dave Packard, Covid survivor

So tonight we are talking about a random compilation of loose ends and nonsense.  Again. Cuz it’s slow


Review from Tactical Gimli
A podcast about hunting

This is a podcast about hunting, if you don’t like hunting, then don’t listen to it, if you do like hunting or want to get into it, then listen to it or don’t, I don’t care what you do. Seriously this is a good all around podcast about hunting. My only suggestion would be having guys on from other states to discuss the hurdles they have to go through to hunt in other states and widen the range of hunting species.


  • Hunter safety with the daughter this weekend
  • Shot a little last weekend
  • Vacuum bags vs freezer paper vs burying it in a snow bank like a mega chad big chimp energy chimpanzee 


  • Taking my daughter trapping this weekend. 
  • Funnily enough she was wandering around the house today asking “can we go trapping today?” 
  • Heading up to set beaver traps and possibly a trap for mink(?) but iffy on that one. Mink season here (along with most other furbearers) ends at the “end of February”. Unsure if it really is a mink, and how good are my odds on a single attempt? Might be worth a shot but it’s also sending $25 on a trap for an animal I haven’t even positively identified, since the only prints I’ve seen were in snow that war partially melted. Might not even have the correct trap size.

Outro- Mike

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