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Let’s Go Hunt 016 – Koolaid Pig

Welcome to another episode of Let’s Go Hunt! – the everyman’s hunting podcast.. We aren’t experts, but we’re out there doing it. Join us on our journey!  As always we have:

Sam Alexander, who suggests you seek medical attention.

Mike Gonçalves, who wonders if it’s too late to start his  .204 Ruger AR build

And I’m Dave Packard, who says .22 is fine 

Tonight we’re talking about medical, coyotes and various tangents we go down. That’s where all the chickens went. 


Medical kits

What do you carry and why?  Where?
EMT cousin gave advice on trauma kits: gauze gauze gauze

Where do you get supplies?

How do you build a trauma kit?
Gauze Gauze Gauze

Boo boo kit

Israeli bandages

Compressed gauze

Burn dressings



Chest seals

Med tape

Pulse oximeter whatever the fuck it’s called 


  • coyote
  • Review from last week – new Washington hunter
  • Maybe look into application process
  • Start with small game to familiarize self with basic regs and areas
  • Talk with local wardens 
  • Go to local conservation banquets


  • Coyote hunting with no pants.
  • Medical considerations 
  • Use CATs, not RATs
  • Vacuum packed gauze 
  • Pressure bandages – ace/vet wrap is a very nice addition to any kit, in a desperate pinch you can use ace wrap to fashion a TQ but it’s definitely not recommended. Would work better on a child than an adult.
  • SPEAKING OF CHILLIN!!!! If you’re packing a trama kit for vehicles or outdoors with kids around make sure you have TQ’s that will work on kids. CATs generally will not fit their tiny diminutive, weak limbs. That’s one thing were RATs will work, SOFT T can be expected to work on children as young as a year old.
  • 7th GEN will work on kids 6 and up.
  • Notes for washington episode trapping: they are also restricted to cage traps only, but they also have a requirement to take a trapper education course. We don’t have that. 
  • WA can place cage traps underwater to drown the little fuckers.
  • While I’m not too cool with WA requiring a trapper education course, I do think it’s kind of cool that they provide some basic information on trapping and animals. Kind of nice just to have some basic bitch info without searching all over online.

Outro- Mike

Don’t just be a hunting advocate, support your Second Amendment groups and conservation efforts locally and nationally. Get some medical training cuz you are your own first responder out there. We’re available where all  fine podcasts are sold and leave us a review! Follow us on Instagram @letsgohuntpodcast. Send your game recipes to  Thanks for listening and Let’s Go Hunt!