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Let’s Go Hunt 015 – Trampoline Chair

Intro – Mike

Welcome to another episode of Let’s Go Hunt! – the everyman’s hunting podcast.. We aren’t experts, but we’re out there doing it. Join us on our journey!  As always we have:

Dave Packard, who says you shouldn’t go broke trying to look rich  

Sam Alexander, who doesn’t agree with that statement.

And I’m Mike Gonçalves, who wonders if it’s okay to go broke trying to look like you’re a hunter?

Tonight we’re talking finally talking about the Pittman Robertson Act (Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration Act of 1937)


Pittman Robertson act
What does it do?

What’s your thoughts on it 

I’m not generally in favor of any sort of taxes 

Point out it was passed during a time of very negative feelings towards civ firearm owners
NFA, FFA, etc.  


  • How does this affect current taxes?


  • Compare starting hunting in WA to CO.

Outro- Sam

Don’t just be a hunting advocate, support your Second Amendment groups and conservation efforts locally and nationally.  RMGO is currently ready to fight the CO AWB should it pass, and could probably use some support, and SAF and GOA are fighting for you federally.. . We’re available where all  fine podcasts are sold. Follow us on Instagram @letsgohuntpodcast. Send your reviews and game recipes to  Thanks for listening and Let’s Go Hunt!