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John Crump Live 959 – State of The 2A

Show Notes:

Rich Confronts Men In His Garage

WV v. EPA – The ruling limits Chevron deference but does not get rid of Chevron. We will have to wait to see how this effects gun cases. 

SCOTUS And All 2A Cases – All were remanded to the Circuit level so Bruen can be considered in the decision.  This is massive.

Fulton County NY – GOA threatens to sue the Sheriff over ignoring Bruen.

New Jersey – New Jersey drops it “may issue” statute

California – California drops it “may issue” statute

California AG – The California DOJ released all personal information about gun owners.  The state claims it to be an accident and will offer an identify monitoring service. AG Bonta warns anyone with the information can be charged with a crime.

New York Sues 80% Retailers – NY is suing various retailers including our industry partner, 80% Arms. The state wants money and customer records.

NRA Endorsement – NRA endorses Derek Schmidt for Kansas Governor

Steve Dettelbach – The following State AGs oppose Dettelbach bring the number to 15: Treg R. Taylor, Alaska; Leslie Rutledge, Arkansas; Mark Brnovich, Arizona; Christopher M. Carr, Georgia; Theodore E. Rokita, Indiana; Derek Schmidt, Kansas; Jeff Landry, Louisiana; Eric S. Schmitt, Missouri; John M. O’Connor, Oklahoma; Alan Wilson, South Carolina; Jason R. Ravnsborg, South Dakota; Ken Paxton, Texas; Sean D. Reyes, Utah, and Patrick Morrisey, West Virginia; Austin Knudsen, Montana.

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