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Handgun Radio 399 – Questionable Quality

Hello and welcome to Handgun Radio! I’m your host Ryan Michad from the wild woods of Central Maine, and this is your home for all the news, information and discussion in the handgunning world!

This week, we talk questionable quality guns!

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Week in review:

-Busy week of gigs! Four hours, then two more three hour gigs! But it was fun!

-S&W 41 Custom 

Ryan: More Loadout Entries:

David K:

Early 90s LA PI Loadout:  primary is Sig P228 in Galco Miami Classic with 2 spare mags on opposite side, 147 grain Federal JHPs or Speer Gold Dots.  Backup gun is S&W 642 .38spl, Federal GM Match 148 grain WCs.  Remington 870 Police.  Car is a beatup minivan, best for surveillance.

Edit:  the 870P would be kitted out USMS witness protection style

The neutral colored slightly beatup minivan, anywhere but in very rural areas, is the best all around surveillance “platform”.



Hello Ryan and big spoon Weerd Beard.

For my PI loadout I am channeling a former LAPD detective with alot of bad history who has resigned himself to private investigation. Imagine Telly Savalas had a twisted three way with Jim Rockford and Al Pacino from Heat. That’s my character.  My primary sidearm is a Smith and Wesson Model 58 in 41 Mag. Its an old San Francisco PD issue revolver and carries remarkably well in a leather MiltSparks OWB holster. The 170 grain Black talon loads carry quite a punch and will also scorch the eyebrows of nearby rollerbladers on Venice Beach.

My BUG is a Browning Baby in .25ACP I keep strapped to my inner thigh or in the pocket of my shorts. 

My long gun is an American-180 in 22LR. Why? Because I like to spend my evenings meticulously reloading my spent drum magazine. 

My car is a 1994 Buick Roadmaster Estate Station Wagon with a ZF-6 6speed manual tranny swap. The Buick Roadmasters from this era came from the factory with dual exhaust, 4.11 gear ratios and the 5.7liter LT1 engine, the same that the 90’s Corvettes had. These wood paneled sleeper hotrods/recliners on wheels were surprisingly zippy, very comfortable to drive, and completely inconspicous. The enormous cargo area has tons of space for all my detective gear,  plus I can put a small bed in the back in case I need to conduct a long stakeout or perhaps seduce a wealthy heiress client.

If the station wagon in rockin’…..well, you get the picture. 





I’ll take you up on your offer for a late submission. BTW, I’ve taken to calling  the intro music the Ryan Shuffle.

Fun show today. I heard the call, but for the life of me couldn’t get a list together. Not very familiar with the era.

I dunno, it seems that PI work is nothing that will make you rich. I can’t see most PIs having some of the the kind of artillery others listed. It would be pretty mundane.  70s, 80s, 90s literary, TV and movie detectives of that era usually showed not much more than the basics. I have some revolvers that might apply, Smith 10, 64, J frames, but that was the era of cops converting to wonder nines and Glocks. PIs might persist with .357mag, Old faithful, without buying something new and pricey. Reality is that the J-frame backup would have been very sensible.

I’d probably have some Beretta 92, some J-frame, a short Mossberg 500 and if I had to have a rifle, a Mini 14. Yeah, I was watching A-Team reruns. Wearing basic period Grunge clothes. Black jeans, black tee, dark flannel, headbanger beanie. Hair messed up. Driving a sleeper early 70s Chevy Nova, lots of primer and a 350 engine, bigger if you could fit it,  tweaked for 1992 high performance. Make a little side money on street bets up in the canyons. Also for meeting confidential informants among the young, sleazy, coked motorhead types. I did a lot of photography back then. Your big money maker would still have been a Nikon and lots of Tri-X. Catch the randy old hubby with a floozy, in the act. Send the wife prints and keep the negs for a little blackmail when times are tough.




Hi Ryan and weer’d,

So for my load out I am going with only one I had at the time.

Primary would be a ruger p94 came in 9mm carried in a nice leather shoulder holster under my right arm with two spare magazines on the opposite side. Of course worn under a light sports coat and jeans.

Back up I will go my ruger sp101 in 38 special left front pocket of coarse in a pocket holster.

For the long gun this would have to be a toss up between a marlin 336 30-30, or a Sears and roebucks j.c. Higgins 12ga pump shotgun. Both have their uses but I think the choice would go with the marlin.

As for the ride I would have to go with a ford ranger over the only new car I ever owned which was a 1992 ford festiva in aqua.




Had family visiting and didn’t get to the range – but am working on a couple of assignments for Springfield’s Armory Life.

Planning a comparison of 22 mag – Walther vs. Smith

-David’s Henry Revolver Review

Main Topic: Questionable Quality Guns

-What makes a gun “questionable quality”?

-Performance vs. Construction Quality

-”Hit or Miss Factor”



-Charter Arms (Sometimes..)



-Surprisingly, NOT Hi-Point. Theyre Good.

And THESE are great quality guns, from our friend Hamilton Bowen! Best quality ever!

Wrap Up:

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Until Next Week, Have fun and Safe Shooting!!!