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Handgun Radio 395 – Custom Guns We Want to See Made!

Hello and welcome to Handgun Radio! I’m your host Ryan Michad from the wild woods of Central Maine, and this is your home for all the news, information and discussion in the handgunning world!

This week, we talk Custom Guns we want to see made!

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Week in Review:

Ryan: – Getting Fiber Internet tomorrow!! THANK GOD!


Starfire Gel Blaster


Yeet Cannon!

Desert Eagle .44mag

David: S&W FPC


Drink Segment:  Manhattan Flight

3 Parts Whiskey

1 Part Sweet Vermouth


Stir and serve up in a Cocktail glass with a cherry

The Manhattan Matrix

Cheap Vs Expensive

Steve Lehto- Family Accused of Running the Kramer-Newman Bottle Return Scam

Main Topic: Custom Guns We Would Like To See Made


-.44-40 Double Action Revolver Short Barrel

-.32 ACP NAA Mini Style Revolver

-.45 ACP AR 15 SBR

-Delisle Carbine Reproduction

-Ruger 10/22 Style gun in .38 Super

-.38 S&W Mini Lever Action

-Pump Action 9mm Rifle using Glock Magazines


.357 break top revolver

Modern Semi auto pistol in .30carbine

Weer’d Beard:

Kahr PM10

-Large-Frame LCR 6-shot .357

-4 Shot .44 Special J-Frame

-Shrunk Down Desert Eagle in .327 Federal Mag

-Yeet Cannon 10mm

– 6 Shot X-Frame in .357 Maximum

M&P 5.7 in .357 Magnum


Merwin Hulbert in .38 Special or.357 Magnum

Modern Martini Henry in .45-70, .30-30, etc

Spencer & Burgess Shotguns

Rolling Block Pistol in .45 Colt and up

Broomhandle Mauser in 9mm & .357 Sig

Broomhandle Mauser in .30 Carbine w/detachable magazines

Remington Model 8 (or 81) in .308

Winchester Model 1907 in .30 Carbine

S&W FPC in 10mm & .357 Sig

MP5 in .38 S&W and .455 Webley

Wrap Up:

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Until Next Week, Have fun and Safe Shooting!!