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Handgun Radio 390 – Unusual Sighting Systems

Hello and welcome to Handgun Radio! I’m your host Ryan Michad from the wild woods of Central Maine, and this is your home for all the news, information and discussion in the handgunning world!

This week, we talk about Unusual Sighting Systems! 

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Week in Review:

Ryan: -What a couple weeks….. 1.) Expedited root canal due to infection, not fun. 2.) Sarahs car needed new strut assemblies in the front, new sway bar links. Pretty Expensive couple weeks.

-Cured some pork belly for a week, then smoked it over Traeger Competition blend pellets. Came out AMAZING!

-Got a vacuum sealer for dirt cheap on Amazon and it works great!


Drink Segment

Spicy Watermelon Daiquiri (au Natural)

2oz Chili Infused Rum

1oz Lime Juice

3/4oz  Watermelon Syrup

Shake and serve up in a cocktail glass

Watermelon Syrup:

2 Part Watermelon Puree

1  sugar

Bring to a light boil, cool and bottle

Listener Emails:


Ryan and Weerd,

First of all, thanks for keeping the entertaining content coming!  I’m usually on my tractor while listening to your shows (six months of mowing and harrowing, then moving ALL of the snow the other six months).   Your shows are a great companion to our northern brand of country living in the east side of the Northwest.

In episode 388, you discussed listeners emailing about unusual handguns, or unusual guns in handgun calibers.  I’ve been patiently awaiting, and have requested from Mossberg, the following:  a pistol caliber carbine based on the Mossberg 500/590.  In revolver cartridges, it would have a tube magazine, and in pistol cartridges, design it to take Glock magazines (I agree with Ryan; all PCCs should take the cheapest mags available, and that’s Glock).  

Consider how light and compact the Mossberg .410 pumps are; a PCC in that vein would be super handy, simple to train to, relatively inexpensive, USA made, AND legal in most states that currently restrict the “evil black rifles”, such as my formerly great State of Washington.  

Personally, a Mossberg pump in .357 Magnum would be just about an ideal farm/ranch rifle.  

Anyway, thanks again for producing a great show, and happy shooting!


Listener John:

Hi Ryan, and Weird

    Love the podcast and I’ve been listening for quite some time now in fact, generally I start from the beginning and listen the whole way through when I run out of current episodes. Just wanted to drop you a quick email and tell you I enjoyed episode 378 especially with the .22 revolvers.  I myself am a 617 owner and love taking that to the range every time. In addition to that, I also wanted to tell you that I have a 43C Smith & Wesson, and have had nothing but a positive experience with it.  A Speed Beez loading block, accompanies me to the range, one for each and greatly decreases time spent reloading the cylinders.  I think next on my short list is the Ruger single ten.  My love of Rimfire shows I’m sure but I’ve also recently started reloading .380ACP for my Glock 42 and really enjoy the process.  Anyway keep up the great work and if I think of more stuff I can selfishly encourage you to talk about I’ll email again!  

             PS.  Love the drink segment!  


Main Topic: Unusual Sighting Systems

-Scoped Revolvers (eye relief is important)

-Revolvers with red dots

Leopold Delta Micro

-Trapezoidal Sights (Steyr)

-Ghost Rings on pistols

-See All Sights

-Guttersnipe Sights

-XS Big Dots

-Meprolite Bullseye

Wrap Up:

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Until Next Week, Have fun and Safe Shooting!!!