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Handgun Radio 369 – S&W Equalizer & More New Guns!

Hello and welcome to Handgun Radio! I’m your host Ryan Michad from the wild woods of Central Maine, and this is your home for all the news, information and discussion in the handgunning world!

This week, we talk about the new S&W Equalizer & other new firearms!

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Week in Review:  

Ryan: Listener Emails

Listener Les:

Hey fellas, got a few ideas for guns I would want to see remade.

1. Bren Ten

I have been enamored with the Bren Ten since I was a kid and used to watch Miami Vice re-runs with my Auntie. I think the gun was ahead of its time & due to poor business, it failed. And with the resurgence of 10mm guns, I think it would sell really well now days. Make it with the slide milled for for optics from the factory and a pic rail for flashlight/lasers. But an exact copy of the original would be just as awesome too. Either way I would have to have one. But they say the Bren Ten is “cursed”!!! I waited for years for Vltor to release a Bren Ten clone, but that never happened. Tangfoglio makes a pistol called the Witness Elite Match, looks very similar to the Bren Ten. Shot it awhile ago & it shot great. Very nice triggerOnly downside to me,was it was DAO. I hope someone will eventually break the “curse”.

2. S&W 1006

I thought these were pretty cool as well. I have actually got a chance to shoot one of these & I thought it shot pretty good. Recoil wasn’t that bad to me. Had a chance to buy one at a local pawn shop, about a decade ago. But the price was way to steep for my blood at the time. Same deal, milled slide and pic rail version & the original version would both be very much welcomed.

3. Winchester Model 70 Supergrade in 300 H&H

I know it’s hand gun radio. But I have wanted to see Winchester make their model 70’s in this classic cartridge again since reading about it in Elmer Keith’s Big Game Rifles & Cartridges.

Keep up the great work fellas.



Listener James:

Hi Ryan, great episode as always. I look forward to every episode.

My pick would be the S&W night guard series of revolvers. I searched for years before I found my grail gun, a 396 44 special.

Also, the ruger speed six revolver would be nice, they are such a pleasure to shoot, perfect balance for me in the 2  3/4” barrel.

The chicken noodle casserole Weerd mentioned sounds delicious, I will try it.

Thank you for producing such an entertaining and informative podcast. I’ve been listening since the beginning and it is still my favorite podcast.


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Main Topic:

-S&W Equalizer 9mm

-Best Rimfire Revolvers on the Market

-Cool Gun! The B&T TP9

-Quarter Circle Side Charging MP5 AR 9mm

-Girsan MC P35 Ops Review

Wrap Up:

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Until next week, have fun and safe shooting!