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Handgun Radio 360 – More Curious Calibers!

Hello and welcome to Handgun Radio! I’m your host Ryan Michad from the wild woods of Central Maine, and this is your home for all the news, information and discussion in the 

This week, we talk about unusual or less commonly known calibers!

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Week in Review:

Ryan: -Cooked a nice meal with some homegrown potatoes and onions! 

-Cleaned up my reloading bench….a bit

-Bought Federal .22 LR Punch 

David: – I finished my AR10 build, ordered .308 dies and projectiles, won a 3lb single stage trigger at the FNRA silent auction, bought a CMMG AR ambi safety at work. I guess my AR10 isn’t quite done after all.

I started prepping some .308 brass for reloading with my new Hornady dies

Recover Tactical Slide Rack Assist

Drink Segment:   Downton Abby Cocktail Book

Cheerful Charles

  • 0.5 Oz Rye Whiskey
  • 0.5 Oz Cognac 
  • 1oz Dry Vermouth
  • 0.5 Oz Orange liqueur (I Recommend Grand Marnier)
  • 0.5 Oz Campari

Stir and serve either up or on the rocks with an Orange Twist 

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Main Topic: Curious Calibers

-22 Short

-22 TCM

-223 Remington

-25 ACP

-30 Carbine

-32 S&W

-327 Federal

-35 S&W Auto
-356 TSW

-357 SIG
-357 AutoMag

-38 S&W

-9×25 Dillon

-9mm Browning long

-9mm Largo

-44 Special

-44 AutoMag

-45 Auto Rim

-45 Cowboy Special

-455 Webley

-460 Rowland

-50 GI

-500 Tranter

-500 Linebaugh

Wrap Up:

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Until next week, have fun and safe shooting!