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Handgun Radio 354 – The $2000 Answers

Hello and welcome to Handgun Radio! I’m your host Ryan Michad from the wild woods of Central Maine, and this is your home for all the news, information and discussion in the 

This week, we talk NRAAM products and your $2,000 entries!

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Week In Review:

Ryan: -Potatoes and Onions going great!


Drink Segment:  Gimlet

2oz Gin

1oz Lime Juice

0.5oz Lime Simple Syrup

New London Light Gin First Light  0% APV

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Main Topic:


Colt King Cobra .22 LR

22 Mag Punch Ammo

FN HiPer pistol

Taurus 856 Executive


Mr. Michad and Mr. Beard,

I hear you know a thing or two about handguns. Here’s my dilema, my woods sidearm is a Tangfolio Witness Pro in 10mm that I carry in a chest holster. This steel is an awesome shooter and brings me everything I want in a backcountry gun, except…. protection after dark. It is equipped with some really nice stock adjustable target sights that are all black, and I can’t seem to find a set of tritium sights that I know will fit for sure (that’s what I use on my other carry guns). I’m toying with a light laser combo, which in theory would give me the point of aim I need at night, but I hear a lot of naysayers against lasers. Would you be please be so kind as to share your thought on this matter?

Specifically I’m looking at a Streamlight TLR-8 but still not sure.

Yours truly,



Hey guys,

Have missed entering the other lists. I’m going to give it a try. The caveat is that I pretty much only buy used stuff and less expensive stuff. A step above Oddball, but not much. There are a couple of good shops around me with good used counters. Consequently, I’ve gotten some interesting things for $200-400. Retail would be more expensive (and I’d probably hesitate to buy). There are probably 2 classes of list. Weerd listed off a new owner’s list that is mostly basic defense/trainer guns. The second type of list is for after you have the basics, and a little money – just for interest and fun. A collector’s list. This is an economy collector’s list.

Beretta 92FS.  An LGS had a dozen FS models that had been consigned from a training company when the military went to Sig. Bought the best one of the batch that were left. Cost about $3 or 400 less than new. I previously bought one of those sexy, curvy Italian police 92S surplus guns. Hooked. Also have an 81. That form of Beretta is beautiful.

Smith 638 J frame. After buying a Remington M11, I got hooked on humpbacks. Yeah, a 642 is more compact and I’ll never use it SA, but I just like it. The one in this list I carry.

Colt DS. Colts being as expensive as they usually are, never thought I’d have one. I’d seen them on the Snub Noir fb group. I was astounded to find this for what I paid. It’s bobbed and the finish is gorgeous.

Raven .25 My pimp gun. The only crap gun in the group. A novelty. Oh, shiny.

Smith 586 .357mag. Someone asked my next grail. I said a 686. Then this came up less than 2 weeks later. I’m glad I snapped it up. Wonderful shooter.

Freedom Arms Casull Improvement. History from a guy who loved big bores and tiny popguns. The Pre-NAA micro-mini revolver

High Standard Sentinal. 8 shot .22. One of the most comfortable ergonomic grips. Not much more than my Heritage, but oh, dear lord, the quality. Even a nearly new looking holster.

Ruger Speed Six. A beautiful chunk of a .357. I think one reason I got it so reasonably is that the previous owner attempted to bob the hammer. Looks like he never quite finished filing out the scratches. Still not bad looking. I’ll touch it up or a replacement is $29.

All those together were right around $2k.

Honorable mentions. Ruger Blackhawk 3-screw .357mag, Ruger Mark 3 22/45, Smith Model 64 and Model 10, Iver Johnson 3rd model, .32 breaktop, Star BM (unfortunate name for an excellent pistol). The most expensive in this group was about $375, least $125. It would be easy to make up another 2K list. And maybe a third. I’d take a bunch of good condition used any day. It’s that whole interesting and fun group. Despite most being revolvers, I’m emphatically not a fudd. My defensive are modern tupperware.

Entertained listener,



Subject: 2000 dollar lists
  Hey guys I have been listening to you guys for a couple months now. I like the drink segment I don’t know why people get upset about it. I have two separate lists for the 2000 dollar choices. For the first one I would start off with a S&W performance center 686-6. 7 shot 357 magnum I don’t own a 357 and I would like to get one. I saw a used one that was basically brand new for 899.99. I would get a Glock 40 MOS 10mm 6 inch barrel long slide. I have been wanting one for quite a while but around my area they are pretty hard to find.They run for around 699.99 when I do find them but they always come up when I don’t have the cash. To finish this out I would get a S&W M&P 2.0 compact 9mm 4 inch barrel I see them for 370 in my area so I might pick one up soon. My second list would start off with a S&W performance center model 327 N frame 8 shot 2” barrel. I think it’s a pretty ridiculous looking revolver that’s why I love it. They are around 1300-1400 I believe. I would then hunt for a pawnshop Makarov so it wouldn’t be super over priced. Hopefully I wouldn’t be able to get one for around 3-400. The last one on my list would be a Tokarev in 7.62×25 I should have bought a couple they were 125 bucks at a local gun store two years ago but I got a beretta M1951 for cheap instead. That’s my 2000 dollar listsW. Blair


Listener Nathan:

I’m thinking one of the each categories I’m interested or like to be interested guns. 

I’d like to go with the Warpoet w/ Holosun 507 for $1120. Because Glock mags are inexpensive, fit Glock holsters and I can’t build the Glockish gun for that.

  1. For a winter carry/ HD gun: I found a used CZ P07 Urban Grey for $400. Come with 2x 17rd mags. Mags aren’t super expensive but not as easy and cheap as Glock mags. ($1600 left) bought this before COVID
  2. Summer carry: I love my P365 and the XL. Id go with the Xl TacPac for $550. They come with 3 mags (2 are 15rd mags) and a holster. I don’t care about that holster but the thing usually dissappears. Plus for the XL it’s optics ready and flat trigger ($1050)
  3. I debated a 22 or a competition gun: I found a Sig P320 X5 Legion used for $900 at a local gun shop. Has close the same trigger feel as the p365. Comes with the 17rd Legion marked mags. But hopefully mags will get cheaper with the P320 being adopted by the military and Police Departments. ($150left)
  4. Remaining money should buy a 22. I thought I’d have to go with a Heritage or used 22lr revolver. But I founded a SW Victory for $140 in the classifieds. This was in the paper a month or two ago and sold before I called on it. 


Listener Zach:

Howdy there!

If I were Weird Elizabeth Beard (Daddy War Bucks) and had 2k in married people money only to spend on handguns I’d do something like this. 

1 Gun – Smith and Wesson 617 10 in barrel adjustable target sights in high polish stainless steel, and 7500 rounds of 22lr with the remaining money.  Cause why the hell not.

2 Guns –  Ruger Alaskan in 454 Casull. With the remainder I’d invest in chiropractic hand therapy.  Or, a CZ 97 bd. Either one is a sound investment. 

6 Guns – 6 Hi-point standard pistols chambered in 45 acp, taped together into an unholy Hi-point Megatron. I take it to the range so people can watch as I cram proof loads into each magazine. None of them explode,  all of them function flawlessly, everyone cries.

**written by a bot who listened to 100 hours of HGR**

Cheers boys, have fun and safe shooting, 


Listener Dave:

Hi Ryan,

I wanted to send you my $2,000 purchase but I thought I would rather take the $2,000 and get something nice for you and Weer’d.  

For Ryan ($1,000):

I know how you prefer the “form follows function” design approach when it comes to guns, but deep down I suspect you might like a little bling on your firearms.  I found this site:

For $1000 I can buy a nice Glock 19 ($600) and have it bedazzled for you ($400).  There are many options including glitter paint!  You’ll be the envy of all the guys on the firing line!

For Weer’d ($1,000):

The Ruger Wrangler ($200) is the Raven of revolvers.  It looks good but in the hand it feels a little clunky and crude.  To rectify that, I will use the balance ($800) to purchase a 700ml bottle of  “The Dalmore 21 year old Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky”  

After drinking the contents, the Ruger Wrangler will then take on the appearance and characteristics of a fine Korth revolver.

I hope you guys like my purchases!



Listener Chuck:

Two grand on a gun or guns?   hmm.

Since I’m at this point pretty firmly in the carry revolver camp, Kimber K6s plus full kit for it.  Going by Midway USA’s pricing, the gun itself gets you almost to a grand.  $958

Add Crimson Trace lasergrip, $370

Add a Mika pocket holster.  $32

And figure some good belt holster. and a speedloader carrier, ~$100.

All that leaves you ~$350 left over.  Pick some Taurus to fill it out.  Say, a bobbed hammer DAO 856 Ultralite.

The Kimber:


pocket holster, the best:

The Taurus to fill out the order:

Wrap Up:

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Until next week, have fun and safe shooting!