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Handgun Radio 350 – The Listeners Five by Five Contest Entries!

Hello and welcome to Handgun Radio! I’m your host Ryan Michad from the wild woods of Central Maine, and this is your home for all the news, information and discussion in the handgunning world

This week, we read the listener entries from the 5×5 contest!

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Week in Review:  

Drink Segment: Penelope Bourbon: Toasted Series

Whisky Tribe: 7 essential WHISKEY skills

Main Topic: 5×5 Listener Emails!!


Main Winners

Brett B

Phil Y

Sticker Winners:


Jason K

Dustin M

Dave D

Kyle B

Ben C



PSA dagger 

Tisas Browning Hi power clone 

Kel tec CP33 

Leo trade in Model 10

Base model Rock Island 1911 


Manhurin MR73 revolver 

Dan Wesson Bruin 10mm long slide 

STI staccato P

Dissident KP9 Kybrid pistol with JMAC brace 

AutoMag new or original 


Listener Jeff H:

Expensive (over $2,000

  1. Korth NXS 8-shot .357 6”
  2. Olympic Arms Nickel Plated Whitney Wolverine
  3. H&K P7M13 hard chrome long slide that went for $30,000 on gunbroker
  6. Cabot Guns left and right Double Dragons it’s a matching set and counts as one.
  7. CZ Shadow 2 Orange 

Cheap under $2,000

    1.  Canik TP9SFX

    2.  Ruger Sp101 Match Champion Talo Edition .357 2.25” barrel

    3. North American Arms Ranger Break Top ll 2.5 “ 22 magnum/22 lr

    4. Ruger LCR 9mm

    5. Diamondback Sidekick 22lr/ 22 magnum

These are my picks, hard too narrow it down too 5 each.


Jason K:

Here are the ones that I would want. 

Inexpensive or cheap:

Taurus TX22 competition

Ruger 57

Girsan Hi Power

RIA 1911 in 22 TCM

RIA 205


Mateba Unica 6 in 44

Manurhin MR73

HK MK 23

CZ Parrot

Atlas Gunworks Chaos

If full autos are allowed I sure wouldn’t mind having:

VZ Scorpion 

Baretta 93r



GAU-8  –  Just to make sure you get all the bad guys, oh and the plane wrapped around it would be bad either. 



Here is my submission for the 5 cheap and 5 expensive guns that I want.  It might shock Weer’d to know that there’s not a Beretta on the list.

Of course, for the trash panda that I am, thinking of cheap guns that I want, but don’t already own, is difficult, but here they are:

Leinad DD Double Barrel Derringer 45/410 (also produced under the Cobray name): This thing just makes me giggle.  Who doesn’t want a pocket sized side by side double barrelled shotgun?

Phoenix Arms HP22a Range: I’ve been told that the little Phoenix Arms .22 is actually a lot of fun, and the extended 5 inch target barrel is just highly amusing.

HiPoint 45: I have the 9mm, but why not get the big boy?  Also acceptable: the .40S&W

Heizer Defense Pocket AK: The price tag is really too high for what it is, but you know you’d want to try it at least once.

Charles Dailey Honcho Tactical: Ok, this is a bit of a cheat, but I figured that, if you guys could list a PCC, I could get away with a Mossberg Shockwave type gun.  In the spirit of the contest, I’ve gone with a Turkish knock off, and this one uses box magazines for Warhammer 40K bolt gun bonus points!

Ok, now for the expensive ones:

Desert Eagle in 50AE: For when you need to do your Last Action Hero cosplay.  While there’s a bunch of “awesome” finishes, I’d probably go with the stainless.

Chiappa Rhino 50DS: I’m an anime/scifi nerd.  Is there really any other reason needed?

Wilson Combat EDC X9L: The 9mm double stack 1911 is a great idea, and Wilson Combat knows a thing or two

Manurhin MR73: Possibly the finest .357 revolver ever made

Anderson Wheeler Mark VII: New manufactured Enfield top break in .357mag manufactured by a bespoke British firearms manufacturer. There’s now a puddle of drool next to me from just typing that sentence


Mark B:

Hey y’all here is my submission,

5 Cheap

Decided to go with a theme with my cheap guns one of each action type, also “unique”

1.Revolver North American Arms 22MGBGSG Mini Antivenom 1 5/8 Snakeskin Boot GR Revolver because snake themed snake gun

2. Screw on single shot Altor Single Round 9mm because altor

3. Semi-auto Ruger LCP .380ACP American Flag because ‘Merica

4. bolt action Crickett Pistol 10.5″ because needed a bolt action

5. Break action Trailblazer Firearms LC1P Lifecard .22LR Single Shot Poly Handle Black because “ultimate” pocket gun

5 Expensive

I went with 3 current production guns and two WWII guns that have a connection to my family history. 

1. Magnum Research BFR, .45/70, Stainless Steel because who needs a wrist

2. Desert Eagle Pistol, Case Hardened because”classy” deagle

3. Laugo Arms Alien because Alien

4. COLT 1911 M1911A1 US PROPERTY because my Grandfather and Father both carried one while serving,

5. Japanese Military Revolver Type 26 9x22mmR because my maternal grandparents were interned by the Japanese in the Philippines.

Bonus:  STRIKER 12, STREET SWEEPER REVOLVING 12 GUAGE REGISTERED DD because if I have to explain it I’ll have to stop listening


Kyle B:

Hello Ryan, and Ryan’s real dad (Weerd Beard)

First time long time, love the show. It’s really neat to hear a bunch of New Englander gun nuts and your unique perspectives on topics that many of us from the South and Midwest take for granted. It is also nice to hear there are still a few young revolver guys out there. I will send you a pic of my carry Smiths soon.

 I always missed the List emails due to work so I am excited to finally get to do one.

I should mention for Weerd’s sake I already have a high end 1911 (Colt GunSite Customized Series 70 Government) which is why a 1911 is absent from my list.

Top 5 cheap guns

Taurus 380 ACP revolver

  The idea of a J frame -esque revolver in 380 ACP just seems cool to me. The ballistics would be on par with a mild 38 Special. Granted it is no 32 ACP, but we can all dream

Ruger P85:

  They are about as good looking as Walter Mathau and point like you’re holding a 4 wood by the club end. However, they work, they are cheap, and they are absolute tanks of a pistol. They are still very popular among farmers here in Kansas to keep in Tractors or Combines. A neighbor of mine has used his to kill numerous coyotes at unbelievable distances.

H&R 832

   I have a soft spot for modern H&R pistols, and this little guy is just plain cool. These were made in the 70s and 80s and are very high-quality revolvers. Swing out cylinder, 3” barrel, adjustable sights, 32 S&W. It’s like the bastard child of a Model 19 Smith

KelTec P32

  This pistol actually has some utility for me. If you want something bigger than a .22 or a .25, your next step up is usually an LCP-or equivalent in 380. This dainty little gun bridges that gap for me.

H&R 925

  Like I mentioned before, the modern H&R revolvers are dear to my heart. These were also made in the 1970s-80s and are very well built top break revolvers. These revolvers are strong enough to push 38 S&W to the max. If you have ever wanted to replicate the Old British “Man Stopper” load but don’t want to risk destroying an Enfield or Lend Lease M&P, this is your best candidate…Plus I feel like Quartermain when I run a top-break.

Top5 expensive                          

HK P7 M8

 Nothing screams 1980s villain more than this Kraut fire stick. They just exude cool from every sleek line. They are ridiculously expensive and are kind of a pain to shoot and maintain, due to finger burning gas pistons and such. but they are just a dream to handle. GreyGuns made a custom longslide P7 that is a sight to behold.

HK Mk23

The Mk23 is a true offensive pistol, not a last-ditch gun or defensive tool, an actual-return-fire-and-go hunt-bad-guys-down-kinda gun. Yes, it is an ungainly horse pistol and all that, but man is it cool. The closest thing to it today is probably the FN FNX 45 Tactical (which I have, and it does make for an ok substitute.)   I have an SP5 and a HK 45C (Good choice Ryan, on your expensive gun choice btw. They are great carry pistols, the DA sucks, but the SA, especially when carried cocked and locked is a crisp 4.5lb trigger. Ken Hackathorn and Larry Vickers were instrumental in the development of the HK 45C as a replacement for the 1911 in the SOF community. I love mine. I know Weerd thinks they are overrated and to an extent, yes, they are. However I have had a SIG 226 and I just shoot HKs way better)

S&W Model 57

This fixed sight 4” barreled N-Frames chambered in 41 Magnum were issued for a short time to the San Francisco PD in the 1970s. Looking like an overgrown model 10, they are absolutely beautiful brutes of a revolver. Elmer Keith supposedly had a part in the development of the revolver and load. However, full power 41 Mag loads were a bit much for the average SFPD street cop chasing the Zodiac killer so S&W developed a milder “police load” that coincidentally is near identical to the 40S&W load that would come out in 1994, a 200 grain HP at roughly 1000fps. There was never an official 41 Special chambering developed, but Starline did create 41 Special brass that was the same length as 38 Special brass to be used in the Model 57. These Revolvers are fairly rare and are not very well known.

S&W Model 29 Silhouette

This is also a rare Smith. In the early 1980s metallic silhouette shooting was a very popular shooting sport. Targets out to 200 meters were shot with long barreled open sight revolvers. S&W came out with their own version called the M29 Silhouette. Chambered in 44 Magnum and sporting a 10 5/8” barrel and adjustable FRONT sight for windage and elevation it was incredibly gracile, accurate, and long legged like a young Heidi Klum. Sadly, with Ruger’s version being cheaper and having a stronger design, the M29 Silhouette did not last long. Surviving examples command a significant premium among collectors, and oh how I lust for one. Kind of like Heidi Klum

Manurhin MR73

 I think this speaks for itself. I first saw these in an old Ian Hogg firearms book when I was a pre-teen in the early 2000s. They are everything the S&W 586 could be and should be. I am just torn on whether I want the 4” duty size or the marksman version with scope and bipod.  The French do three things right, Baguettes, Sophie Marceau, and the Manurhin. Everything else French is trivial.


Listener Phil:

Hello Ryan and Weerd,

For my Five and Five, I am going with currently produced, theoretically available guns.  In my situation I will make the cheap/expensive demarcation at $600.

5 Cheap:

S&W 642- typically just under $500-  I have one which I love and like to carry in a pocket when lounging or as a backup.  Would totally get another just because I love it so much.

Kahr CW380- seen on Buds at $323.  After the 4thor 5th magazine, it has been utterly reliable and so little and light.  Disappears in the pocket.  As small as my Beretta Bobcat and with 380’s.  Would get another because you almost have to at that price.  But my daughter took mine, so I do need another…

Ruger LCP Max .380- on Buds at $360.  I like that the saw an idea that would improve upon a gun that was already popular.  Seems worth a look.

KelTec PMR 30- .22 mag, on Buds at $450.  I always considered it to be hideously ugly, but my uncle, a NASA engineer, says its beautiful.  It shoots great, super accurate and no recoil, like 20 bullets in the mag.

KelTec P32- .32 ACP, on Buds at $350.  A tiny .32 that is reliable and cheap.  Though I’m honestly just thinking about that CW380 right now…

5 Expensive:

FK BRNO PSD- 7.5FK, $1,750 on their website.  A steal.  Just seems like a really fun, big and blasty hand cannon.  I think it would be awesome to pack in an Enigma.  The downside is I’d start looking for excuses to move to Alaska.

Manurhin MR73 Gendarmarie- .357, $3,600 on their website.  Well that explains the FK being a steal.  But it is beautiful and ready to go through more .357 than I can shoot.  I would even keep the ugly rubber grips.  I think it is the ultimate revolver.

Uberti Schofield- .45 Colt, $1,000.  Just love the look and feel of the S&W top-breaks and the Schofield was the pinnacle.  I saw the InRange video and it reignited the passion.  Uberti also made it more true to the original and I like that the quality is solid.

Dan Wesson Operator- .45ACP, $1,200.  I love my Dan Wesson CCO-9 and the Operator in .45 would make a great companion for the home front.  It has a rail for a light.  My experience with Dan Wesson has been outstanding.  I’ll probably end up getting another CCO in .45 as well.

S&W M&P 10/Glock 20- 10mm, $650.  I need an outdoors gun and either of these would fit the bill very nice.  Plain and not caring about the elements or the mesquite scrub I crashed through.

If I were doing a list of out of production guns it would likely be mostly pre-1994 K, L and N’s.


Listener Ben C.

Here’s my thoughts on as bad as it get and as good as it gets.


Hi-Point .40 S&W in hundred dollar bill wrap (hated gun in a hated caliber)

Raven P25 .25 acp

Radom P-64 9×18 Mak

Jennings model 38 .380 acp. Friend had one in college. The slide cracked while we were shooting it, but luckily no one lost any teeth.

Iver Johnson Cadet 55-A .22  (RFK special)


HK SP5 with retractable pistol brace

Sig 1911 Nightmare Carry Fastback .357 sig (prices keep rising)

Manurhin MR73 Gendarmerie 4”

HK Mk 23 .45 acp (the crew served pistol)

STI Heavy 10 10mm


Listener Ian:


Girsan MC P35

Tisas 1911 9mm

Rock Island M206 

Canik TP9 Elite SC 



-Ruger Super Redhawk 454

-Sig P210 Target


-Dan Wesson RZ-10 1911

-Colt Python


Listener Dave D:

5 Cheap Guns and 5 Expensive Guns I’d Like to Own

Cheap Guns

Cheap is easy.  I’d want one each of the ring of fire guns.  Yep, one Raven, one Jennings, one Davis, one Sundance and one Bryco.  I would use these for concealed carry self-defense purposes.   Although these guns claim to be semi-automatic they are in fact single shot.   One shot and they typically jam.  So I’d carry all five at one time in 5 holsters.   Five time the muzzle energy of a 25ACP is approximately equal to a single 357 round.  I’m pretty fat so I think I could hide all 5 of these guns on my person.  These guns are the Kodak disposable cameras of the gun industry.  Those old disposable cameras were often bought but never used.  If they were used they were often dropped off for processing but never picked up.  Like the camera, these guns are better off dropped and never picked up if used.  

Expensive Guns

1.  The Dixie Gun Works Duckfoot Pistol

The gun has 3 barrels, one in the center on two additional barrels splayed out on each side at about 30 degrees.  All three barrels fire simultaneously.  The guns are very cheap but shooting them is expensive.  At an indoor range you need to rent 5 or 6 lanes to avoid irritating other shooters.  That can get expensive!

2.  The S&W 500 customized for 22 LR

Reloading revolvers is unpleasant and time consuming.  We all long for the gun that you “load on Sunday and shoot all week”.  The S&W500’s big cylinder could support 28 22LR chambers by my estimation.  The “convertible” option would include a 28 round 22LR cylinder and a 22 caliber barrel sleeve.  It would be a  good plinker and a great gun to discourage those pesky door-to-door salesmen.  

3.  An Original Liberator Pistol

Nothing triggers a liberal more than a gun without a serial number.  Imagine the fun you’ll have pulling out this baby at your next cocktail party!

4.  The Clark Custom Guns 1911 Hardball Gun

They stopped making real men in around 1950.  This is their gun.  No frills.  This is the gun for the guy who doesn’t really know what a “Latte” is, drives a dually pickup, and shows up for work at the construction site in the pouring rain and wonders where everyone else is.  Although the rules have been relaxed for soy boys by the CMP,  this gun will prefer a steady diet of 230 grain FMJs for hardball matches. 

5.   Multi Cal Revolver

This one is expensive because it doesn’t exist and would require extensive gunsmithing. Imagine a dystopian future world where ammunition is scarce and hard to find (wait, that’s now!).  This custom revolver would have 7 chambers, each chamber for a different round.  Specially, one chamber for  38 Special, 9mm Luger, 357 Magnum, 357 Maximum, 38 Super, 357 Sig and one black powder chamber.  Simply load the cylinder with whatever ammo you can find and pull the trigger till it goes bang!  


Listener Dustin M:

My definition of cheap is under $350. Here are my 5 cheap guns I want.

#1- Taurus View .38 snubby

#2- Cobray double barrel .410

#3- HiPoint .380

#4- Taurus Curve

#5- Heritage Barkeep Birds head

My most expensive, +$1000 are as follows.


#2- Original Colt Python

#3- Dan Wesson 10mm 1911

#4- CZ 75 TE Czech mate

#5- Singer 1911


Listener Mike A:


North American .22 short revolver

Kel Tec P32

H&R top break .32

Taurus .380 acp revolver

Ruger Wrangler


Manurhin MR73

Any Korth .357

Spohr .357/9mm convertible

Laugo Alien 9mm

Have Hamilton Bowen convert a Ruger 10mm GP100 to a configuration similar to the S&W 1917.


Listener Doug N:

Some of my “cheap” pistols may raise eyebrows, but I almost always buy used, and with patience can usually find something at a price I’m comfortable with.


Glock 20. 16 rounds of full house 10mm would convince any 2 or 4 legged malefactors of the error of their ways. I can’t own proper magazines in Connecticut, but I can dream.

Webley Mk IV 38/200— this would be the WW2 companion to the WW1 Webley 455 I already have.

French 7.65mm 1935A pistol (This was the father of the SIG P210, but is much cheaper).

Ruger Speed-six, blue, with 3” barrel in 357.

When I was a kid, I was very impressed with an uncle’s High Standard 22 WMR derringer, even though it’s objectively a pretty terrible gun.


7.5mm FK BRNO. The cartridge is intriguing, and what’s not to like about an $8000 pistol? Well, other than the price.

“Lugerman” .45 acp Luger— I’d take the one with adjustable sights.

3” Colt Python (1950s or 60s, preferably). And if I threw enough money at Grant Cunningham, maybe he’d come out of retirement for one last action job.

Walther GSP in 32 S&W Long wadcutter. Though this is an Olympic level target pistol, it isn’t available in my Connecticut home— the magazine in front of the trigger guard makes it an “assault pistol.” I’m not kidding.

For a 1911, you beat me to the punch on the Cabot, so I’ll take a Nighthawk Custom Thunder Ranch Combat Special.


Listener Paul J:

I am submitting my 5 expensive and 5 sub-expensive handgun choices. you and weerd have much the same taste as i do, without further adieu

the expensive list

1. Korth PRS – this is a 9mm 1911 that only the germans could make

2. Manuhin MR73 – two cylinders 9mm and .357

3. Whitney wolverine – the prices keep climbing on these

4. Dan Wesson DWX – someday they will release this gun

5. CWA competition .22 – I shoot a ton of steel matches and these are used by a few of the pros. they retail for about 2500$

the slightly less expensive list

1. Sig P322 – im honestly surprised you guys haven’t gotten around to this one yet (400$)

2. Springfield SA35 – cheap hi-power

3. Sig P365xl

4. Ruger SP101 – in .22 mag

5. Rossi Garrucha – S x S 22lr derringer with 2 hammers 


Listener Greydon S:

  I define cheap as below $450 and expensive as anything over $1100. Now that I have defined my constraints, here goes nothing:


1). HiPoint ‘Yeet Cannon’ ( though they are hard to find, I am almost sure if I could track one down it’d come in under the limit)

2). Chiappa 1911-22

3). Bersa thunder .380

4). Trailblazer Lifecard 22

5). 9mm Altor (that’s right…I’ve been corrupted)


1). CZ Czeckmate Parrot

2). Walther MPL (I am assuming that since we can include PCCs that an SMG is also fine)

3) Colt Trooper 357 mag (factory nickel)

4). Whitney Wolverine (factory nickel)

5). COP 357 Derringer (this one is just for shits and giggles and a little because I want to feel the pain)

And one unobtainable one just for fun:

1). A gold damascene Astra 900 (thank you Ian at forgotten weapons for showing me all of the things that I will be longing for forever)


I hope y’all and the listeners enjoy this if it makes the cut. Either way keep it up.


Wrap Up:

Don’t forget to shop Brownells using our affiliate link! Head to and click the affiliate link in the upper right hand corner!

Until next week, have fun and safe shooting!