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Handgun Radio 341 – The Taken Loadout Contest!

Hello and welcome to Handgun Radio! I’m your host Ryan Michad from the wild woods of Central Maine, and this is your home for all the news, information and discussion in the handgunning world.

This week, we read the entries from the Taken Loadout contest!

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Week in Review:

Ryan:-Dealing with leaking ceiling

Listener Josh:

Morning Gentleman,

I’m wanting to purchase a 1911 in 9mm, I know John Moses Browning is rolling over in his grave, but it’s because I shoot USPSA and 45 caliber is out of my price range. Reloading is not an option, wife is set against it after a family friend had a bad accident involving primers discharging.  I was wondering what brands yinz recommend as a possible option in a 1911 9mm platform? I can’t buy the top of the line but I’d like something that’s going to last.  Any advice I’d be much obliged.



Drink Segment:

This Is Why Distilling Rye Whiskey Is A Pain In The But

Cocktail Fight

Aviation 2x

1oz American Gin

0.5 Oz Lemon Juice

0.25 Oz Luxardo

0.12 oz Creme De Violette  or Chambord

Shake,  Garnish with Cherry and Serve up in cocktail glass

Last Word

0.5 Oz Dry Gin

0.25 Oz Luxardo

0.25 Oz Green Chartreuse

0.25 Oz Lime Juice

Shake and Serve up in cocktail glass

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Main Topic: The Taken Loadout

Winners (Random Drawing):

1st: Oddball

2nd: Rob

3rd: Ben 


Hello gents,Phil from the border with my load out.  First though, I picked up the ingredients and tried the PBJ cocktail.  I don’t go for sweet cocktails but the idea and description intrigued me.  Right on the money!  Well done Mr..Weerd.  Exactly as described, the lunch bag PBJ and in the very best way.  As I took the first sip, I was looking for the most charitable connection to what I imagined it “could be” and it was right on the money.  Bravo.

For my Taken load out, nothing really crazy, just what I have at hand:

– Beretta 92 with lots of the nice 17-round mags

– Dan Wesson 9mm CCO in AIWB position for “hostage shots made easy” (totally doable, I’m in a movie)

– Sub AIWB in an enigma, Sig 365

3 other items-

– Blow-out kit

– Surefire flashlight

– Lots of cash



My approach is low key and boring because it fits my personality and appearance, might as well encourage underestimation. Could lean into a clownish attempt at taticool for same effect but don’t think it would be as effective because that still introduces a number possible threats a target would be alert to.

Dress is business like, slacks with cut smart to

aid concealment and movement- button down dress shirt similarly purpose tailored. Shoes are a dressed up steel toe to blend in but gives better traction and a little extra pop if needed. Might slow me down a tad but am not fast on a good day with proper shoes so no real loss.

Carry starts off similarly  boring with a quality IWB holding a sig365 with 12 rd and crimson trace grip laser to assist with any shots needed from weird positions where a proper sight picture is hard or takes too long. Conceals super well, great gun, loaded with 147gr gold gold dots. Extra 15rd mag or two in pocket.

To get the attention of multiple targets I’ve got a tshirt holster or other suitable concealed chest rig holding a glock 18 on one side and extra mags on the other. Maybe not the most comfortable but dangerously boring is the goal, whatever rig prints the least.  A full auto pistol may be impractical on a lot of levels but humans aren’t rational and that’s an advantage to leverage. Plus might as well have fun along the way.. If at all possible working it out to mill the slide and put on a trigicon rmr2 red dot as well, along with 1/3 cowitnessed suppressor height sights. Loaded with same gold dots as the sig.

For any quiet work, spiderco stovepipe, for no

Reason other than it looks cool as hell and surely is plenty sharp and functional for the task without taking much space.


MIKE 1 & 2:

Hi guys,

Here’s my choices:


1. Sig P226 9mm with one 18 round & 2 spare 20 round Mec-Gar magazines

2. Sig P365 for backup with spare 15 round mag

3. Browning Hi-Power with Mec-Gar 15 round magazines

Additional items-

1. Microtech auto opening knife

2. Leatherman Super Tool

3. Night Vision goggles.


Here’s my obtuse list:

Guns (maybe they’re not too obtuse)-

1. Walther P5 with spare mags (don’t think Mec-Gar makes them).

2. Walther PP in .380 with 2 spare mags (Mec-Gar)

3. Walther P99 with spare mags

Other items:

1. Photos of Ryan & Weerd in my wallet in case I am imprisoned and I can look at the faces that got me into this ridiculous predicament.

2. IPod with recordings of Ryan & Weerd doing their worst Maine accents, preferably Maine accents in French so I can escape any captors by making them think I’m friggin nuts

3. A flask because it will need a drink segment.



Howdy from ‘Big Maine’, aka Texas.

Before I get into my entry, I just want to clear up one point from the last episode. When discussing the B&T SPC9, you supposed that it would garner no police or military interest. 

According to Jon Scott, Vice President of Sales at B&T USA, “B&T developed the SPC9-series at the request of a European Police Unit, who immediately adopted it in large numbers.”

How large is ‘large’, I don’t know. But credit where credit is due, it’s a police weapon in at least some capacity. 

On to my entry!


1. B&T MP9 (or TP9 if restricted to semi-auto)

Secured on a H&K MP5K-style single point bungee sling underneath what would need to be a rather roomy coat.

This pick assumes 2 things. 

First, that I can accessorize my guns with whatever I like. (I don’t see much of a point without including the B&T side folding stock. It’s just a poorly-balanced and oversized pistol without it) 

Second, that I can leave it in the hotel room, car, etc when wanted. It would come with me to the big shootout at the end of the movie, not when playing detective.

I would also outfit it with an aimpoint T2 micro and surefire x300.

While it’s not on the same level as a true carbine, it’s a lot of firepower that can still be kept hidden. I’d have a 15 or 20 round mag in the gun while concealed and multiple 30-round mags in mag pouches on my left side between the 6 and 9 o’lock position.

Once again, all of this hinges on a large coat. Let’s hope my family member isn’t kidnapped in the summer.

2. Sig Sauer P365

Carried inside the waistband underneath an untucked shirt in a StealthGear USA  holster. I’d keep a 10+1 magazine in the gun with a spare 15-round in a Magholder vertical mag pouch at the 11’oclock. This is my actual carry setup and I find it quite comfortable and effective.

This one would go with me everywhere. And just for a twist, I’d also include a Faxon threaded barrel. More on that in a moment.

3. Ruger LCP Max

This would be my final backup piece kept in an ankle holster on the inside of my left leg. Not much else to say, it’s just a very small gun with excellent 10+1 capacity.


1. Smartphone

Since these are so ubiquitous, you may not even require me to use up one of my 3 spaces to have it. But it is way too important for detective work to risk not having it. Plus there’s no way I’m getting around a foreign city without some kind of turn-by-turn GPS directions.

2. Dead Air Odessa 9 with aftermarket Griffin Armament CAM-LOK system.

Perhaps in my movie, a time will come to quietly dispatch an enemy or two. The CAM-LOK system and Dead Air can let me turn the volume down on my CCW almost instantly. 

Plus, the Odessa 9 is thin enough for stock sights to still work, and it’s also modular so I can configure it to be quiet without being too long to carry in a pocket.

3. Axon Taser 7 with Close Quarters cartridge.

Perhaps I’ll need to subdue someone without killing them; either someone I need to interrogate in a safer location or even a police officer that doesn’t know what he’s getting into. This taser in a large jacket pocket gives me that flexibility. 

The ‘drive stun’ feature may also come in handy for, let’s say, enhanced interrogation.

A knife seems like an obvious choice, but I’m going to leave it since some cannon-fodder baddie will inevitably have one that I can commandeer (it is a movie after all, right?)

For ammo, I’d choose Federal HST 147gr standard pressure for the 9’s and Remington 88gr HTP’s for the Ruger.

In my experience the 147 HST’s are good all-rounders that are also subsonic, which works great when using the suppressor. 

The Remingtons I’m only picking because they seemed to do well in the LuckyGunner ballistics gel tests.

Thanks for all the great podcasts over the years, looking forward for more to come,




Hey Guys,

Here is my entry. Before you claim it’s cheating, it follows your rules.

I would be wearing hiking boots and plain cargo pants (lots of pockets). I would have a couple of layers of shirt with a cover shirt (more on that later.).

My three objects would be:

a lockpick set – seems pretty useful for an adventure. Would go in a cargo pocket

a medkit – probably gonna get a few scrapes along the way. Would also go in a cargo pocket.

a jansport backpack – gonna be useful for the extra storage.

My three guns would be:

a full auto MP5 – stored in the backpack with as many mags as would fit.

a canik tp9sfx pistol – carried in a shoulder holster and as many mags of ammo as I can carry. I am only picking this for th 19+1 capacity.

the third gun would be a Beretta 418… If it’s good enough for 007, it’s good enough for me.

Thanks for the podcast and the great contest idea.




I’ll only list items that I actually have.


Micro Draco Sidefolder with optic

Steyr S357

S&W 640

Other 3 items:

Gerber 06 auto knife

Lock picking set

6” shiv



I have been listening for years and love to hear what you guys have to say.  Thanks for the hours of entertainment and education.  I don’t care what those few critics have to say. I love your food and drink sections, keep them going.  I may be looking in the wrong spot, but I would appreciate it if you posted your recipes somewhere, drink and food.

If I was in the movie Taken with a special set of skills, I think I would like to have the following load out:

A custom suit that would allow me full range of motion while still having enough inconspicuous pockets to carry everything needed while still providing enough concealment to ensure I would not be printing or brandishing anything. 

At the strong side 1:00 position I would be carrying a Ruger 57 loaded with the SS196SR which throws a 40 gr. Hornady V-Max at 1650 fps.  The Ruger would be wearing an Aimpoint ACRO, a Surefire X300, and sitting in a Black Rhino Concealment Herin ACS holster with an extra mag in the sidecar.

For covert situations I would have a Valquartsen Mini Mamba with at “Q” Erector cerakoted to match the Mamba at the 10-11:00 position in a custom made cross draw holster.  This would also have an ACRO on it.  I would be running Aguila’s Sniper Subsonic 60 gr 22lr thought it.  But I would have previously worked the springs, action, and suppressor length (number of baffles) to ensure reliability and maximum suppression with this unusually round and short case.  I would also know my DOPE with this round so I could use it up close and at distance if necessary. 

Both side arms would be being held up with a Blue Alpha Gear Low Profile EDC Belt.

My primary weapon would be a FN P90 secured under my strong side shoulder is some sort of custom Sling/holster that would be a cross somewhere between a Galco Vertical Holster System and a De Santis DSD Rig.  Allowing the gun to hang securely under my arm, but still having enough slack to be able to be shouldered.  The other side of the shoulder rig would be secured to my belt with one of Galcos Tie Downs and would offer a 2-3 mag holder for the P90.  I would put a Trijicon MRO on top of the P90 to give a wider field of view when behind the optic.  I would have a Surefire X300 mounted on a Damage Industries P90 Extended Optic Rail at the 6:00 position, so it would be sitting right over the barrel.  The P90 would be loaded with the same SS196SR because it doesn’t appear that any of the enemies in the movie were wearing body armor and I feel the V-Max bullet would offer more stopping power and terminal performance then some of the AP rounds that are available.  If I was concerned with body armor I would probably switch over to SS190 that sends a aluminum cored 32 gr FMJ at 2600 fps out of the P90 and 2100 fos out of the FN 5.7. (couldn’t find velocity stats on the Ruger)

For my three additional items I would bring the following:

I am a firm believer in anyone who carries a weapon should carry medical supplies and have the training to use them.  So I would have a Dark Angle Ankle Kit – Trauma Kit that has Hemostatic Gauze, Chest Seals, and a Tourniquet among other possible life saving medical gear on my left ankle.  

I would have a Shivworks Clinch Pick 2.0 right at 12:00 IWB for close quarters work if I was worried about drawing and losing control of the firearm.  I would hopefully only have to use it to create enough space to safely draw and use my firearm. 

Third and final item would be a M-84 Flashbang that I could use when trying to gain a tactical advantage over an individual or group who I wanted to keep alive. 

Some of my runner ups that I wanted to throw into the mix but couldn’t bring myself to are:

Baretta 21 or Ruger LCPII in 22 with Gemtech Pill Bottle

Original or BNT Wellrod in God’s caliber, 45 ACP

VZ 61 Škorpion in 32ACP with an appropriate suppressor (not really familiar with 32 supressors)

A Bonnie and Clyde style Whippet Gun, probably a Browning A5 or Remington Model 11.

Signal Jammer


And the piece de resistance would be the knife from Crocodile Dundee

Take Care,




aken load out

Dress will be business casual gray man. Cargo khakis, white t shirt under a light blue Oxford, and a medium weight brown jacket. I’ll wear a nylon cobra style belt and brown boots that are dressy enough, but still sturdy.

Primary gun. Sig Pro 2022 9mm stuffed in a waistband (as one does in the movies). Since it takes place in France, the bastard child Sig is common amongst the crooked police that will inevitably get in my way, leading to abundant reloads. 

Backup gun will be a Glock 26, carried in an ankle holster, since it can use every size of double stack Glock mag that I recover from dead bad guys.

As a hold out gun I’m going with the Beretta 3032 Covert. It’s classy with those wood grips and the threaded barrel. I’ll carry this in a Desantis Nemesis, the official pocket holster of Handgun Radio. 

For my 3 other items. 

Blade will be a Toor Knives Serpent carried on the belt in a horizontal sheath. 


I anticipate needing to be quiet occasionally, and that’s where the threaded barrel .32 comes in handy. It’ll pair nicely with a GSL Alleycat suppressor. 27 dB reduction and only 4.8 inches long. 

My third item is the opposite of quiet. The Arms Tech LTD MM-1 “Minimore”. It’s a 3.2”x 5.2” claymore mine that should fit nicely inside my cargo pocket. Because….reasons. 

I’m a daddy to a 15 year old daughter. Those Comm Bloc gangsters will learn they picked the wrong girl to kidnap. 

Great show topic and keep up the great work gents. 



Guys – really enjoy the show!

For my rescue operation –

1. Sig 365 XL in 9mm with Holoson Red Dot sight and replacement threaded barrel.

Loaded with 15 round magazine holding Speer 124 Grn short barrel plus P Gold Dot hollow points.  These are listed at 1150 FPS, and so should remain subsonic.

2. Dead Air Odessa 9 suppressor 

3. A 2nd magazine of 9mm Gold Dots.  Note – all ammo handled while wearing gloves.  Replacement threaded barrel thrown away and replaced after this rescue concludes successfully (If used during the rescue attempt).

If you are considering the 2nd mag or the suppressor to not count against the three item limit, then a good quality pair of pocket size wire cutters to cut through handcuff chains or rope.




Guns: Vz61 Scorpion with silencer. Weird’s favorite for good reason. Volume of fire, handy and concealable. Carried on a single-point sling under Barbour Sapper jacket. My handgun is the Cabot 1911 Meteor— the World’s most expensive handgun. Lethal in .45 ACP, built from an ancient interstellar shooting star, perfect provenance for a revenge mission. Carried IWB. My third gun is the Bauer .25 ACP Baby-Browning clone. Easy to miss on a search of my person, unexpected as a wave of my hand with 6 rounds of Hornady Critical Defense FTX at 900 FPS down range in about two seconds. Carried at the bottom of my jeans pocket.

Items: Multi-tool with serrated knife blade. Versatile, sturdy, and mine is the Gerber DET model. Next is a three-burner Butane cigar lighter. About half the size of a quick-mart disposable lighter, works in high winds and will set fire to anything combustable. You never know when you might need a fire. Third and final item is a mini-bolt cutter. These come small and strong nowadays and make quick work of locks, chains, and restraints. Carried in the pocket of my jacket. Oh yes, for my Drink segment— a “flaming sambuca.” Sambuca is an Italian liquor you can drink straight and at 80 proof, is flammable.

You guys are my favorite podcast, keep up the good work.



I actually decided to do two different loadouts.  One the kind of crazy Hollywood type, and another a bit more down to earth.

The Hollywood type would be as follows:

the three guns:

S&W 360PD in .357mag in my pocket

Glock 19 in an IWB holster

Automag III in .30carbine in a shoulder holster

Since it’s Hollywood, I wouldn’t have to worry about reliability or ammo.  If I did ever need to reload , I could pull ammo or mags from some pocket or something.

The three miscellaneous items would be:

Leatherman Wave, because multi-tools are always handy

a good pair of lock picks

A Condor Atrox in a custom sheath on the shoulder holster opposite the Desert Eagle, because giant knives are always cool.

The more down to earth loadout would be:

Three guns:

Sig p365 in my pocket

A pair of Beretta Px4s that have been worked over by LTT.  one in an IWB holster, and one in a shoulder holster

The higher capacity, common ammo, and minimizing the number of different magazines would be more practical.

The three miscellaneous items would be:

The Leatherman Wave and lockpicks as above, but instead of a giant knife, a folding knife that’s a lot more practical, but can still be used for combat like the Spyderco Paramilitary 2.


Wrap Up:

Don’t forget to shop Brownells using our affiliate link! Head to and click the affiliate link in the upper right hand corner!

Until next week, have fun and safe shooting!