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Gun Guy Radio 275

Welcome to episode 275 of Gun Guy Radio! I’m your host Jake with Cohost Zack.
We talk about guns, prepping, homesteading, tools, automotive and more!

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Hey Zack, How’s it going?

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Main Topic:

Bought a truck!

Got some guns worked over by Mod1

Deer hit
Didn’t get to use trauma kit
Ambulance – ER
Car Insurance – Health Insurance
Great Tow guy

Buying Suburbans
FB sucks…
Glad I didn’t try to drive it home
Bring yo Own Wheels/Tires…. And jack…. And tools… and Battery…
Transmission wasn’t really bad
Test drive mistake
Body Guy Tool Box Find
Flippn cars

Oil Leak! Exxon Valdez

Golf Cart Will it Run?!?!
Parked outside in weeds
Everything RUSTED
Finding the spark
Finding a fuel tank
Tires and Wheels – Deals

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