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Gun Guy Radio 273

Welcome to episode 273 of Gun Guy Radio! I’m your host Jake with Cohost Zack.
We talk about guns, prepping, homesteading, tools, automotive and more!

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Hey Zack, How’s it going?

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Main Topic:
Still haven’t heard back from PSA on my upper, received back 5/18

REI Adventures & First Aid Kit Updates
Danner Boots
Darn Tough Socks
Danner Shoes
Rain Jacket

Small Pill Bottles
Regular Type Bottles

Sighted all my AR-15’s in, promptly changed configurations when I got home… it’s a sickness

Boat Woes
Free motor?
Valuable accessories
Wasted Boat

Kayak Deals
Better than a boat?

Well dies again… Yearly event…
Got a puppie. Border Collie/Beagle Mix
Finally got Rain, Year #3 of drought. Not fun.
Almost all the fruit trees we planted died of winter kill.

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