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Gun Guy Radio 271

Welcome to episode 271 of Gun Guy Radio! I’m your host Jake with Cohost Zack.
We talk about guns, prepping, homesteading, tools, automotive and more!

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Hey Zack, How’s it going?

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Main Topic:

Keep thinking about a simple AR build again… 16 & 20” A2 style rifles… but I know I’ll regret it

Talking with a LDS person about prepping

Lasered Engraved 10/22s at Scheels
Weird handgun storage there
Cheap carry ammo

Kids all qualified for going to State for 4H Archery competition.

Homestead Corner:
FLIR C5 Thermal Imaging Camera
Another Use for thermal cameras: Chickens!

Call around when pricing feed. Found prices ranging from $12.50 to $21. Ask about bulk discounts too.
Called around for tires too.

Picked up a really cool cultivator for the lawn tractor

Lumber prices continue to fall

Ammo prices lower?

New Gas Stove top griddle

Look for Amazon warehouse deals, especially on indestructible items like cast iron and steel targets.

Ultra Cheap Sticker Welder:

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