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Gun Guy Radio 260

Welcome to episode 260 of Gun Guy Radio! I’m your host Jake Challand with Cohost Zack Carlson. We talk guns, prepping, homesteading, junk cars and so much more! Everything a Gun Guy is into. This episode is brought to you by Patriot Patch Company. 

Hey Zack, How’s it going?

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Main Topic: 

Listener Feedback on show format…


“Please don’t quit, yours is one of my favorite podcasts.  I think due to the fact that you’re normal guys,  not insiders (I know Zach is but he doesn’t really act like it)….”


“I look at the show as gun guy radio as in yall a couple of gun guys talking about guns and what going on in your life like working on the trucks and tractors.  Not every episode needs to have firearms topics.”


“I’ll give my two cents. I’ve gotten bored with all the fun podcasts. They have gotten as bad as the media wanting headlines vs content. Gun guy is still just guys shooting the shit about what’s going on and what they are shooting. What I like. I like they varied content, but I love junk, 4wheel drives and land ownership as much as guns.”


Best April Fools Jokes of 2022?  lol….

The current state of my AR’s…what I like and what I don’t


Greenhouse, garden shed build

Scavenging for materials – 4 Massive Truck Loads!  

2 days of Springclean up picking

Things found

Lumber, lots of lumber



Antique Rock Island Vice

Crosman BB/Pellet rifle. works!

2 portable air tanks, like new!

Pancake aircompressor, works!

2 utility sinks

Bowling ball

Golf clubs

Charcoal grill, brand new

Antique Skis

Running total of toilets spotted x16

Looking down on people picking… 

Gun Safety 

OfficeShop Pop…

Segment ideas:

Tool of the week

Pawn shop gun finds

People are Crazy… even preppers

Canning water 

What dumb prepping things have you done or witnessed 

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