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Gun & Gear Review Podcast episode 501 – 22LR Liberty

  Welcome to the Firearms Insider Gun & Gear Review Podcast episode 501. This show is brought to you by VZ Grips and Walker Defense. In this show I have a Serene review, we talk about 365 frames, a sweet light mount, and Faxons bolt gun

As you may know, we showcase guns, gear, and anything else you might be interested in. We do our best to evaluate products from an unbiased and honest perspective.

I’m Chad Wallace and my co hosts tonight are:

Tony, Rob

Sponsor #1: VZ Grips

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Featured Grip of the week – AR15 FRAG

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What we did in Firearms:



ROB – Disclaimer

The views and opinions expressed in this podcast are those of the individual co-hosts and do not reflect the official policy or position of the Firearms Radio Network and/or their employers. This is NOT legal advice, nor should it be considered as such. Viewer discretion is advised. This is especially true on live shows.

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Main Topic: Product Review

Chad – Sencut Serene

Product Spotlight and Discussion: 

Smith Defense S365

Sold through 80 percent arms

MSRP – $299.00

Shaffer Machining Light mount

MSRP – $85.00

Faxon FX7 Pershing

MSRP – $2600.00

Sponsor #3: 

Listener Feedback

Great podcast!


This is my must listen to podcast on Friday. Love the reviews on latest guns and gear, also the banter between the guys. Tony, thank you for what you are doing for the gun community! Rob, 45 grain subsonic 22lr is the only ammo that will cycle a suppressed 22 in my opinion. Keep up the great work guys. What’s the deal with Diamondback? Just asking. Thanks, Bobby B.

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Wrap up:

  • Thank you for listening to the “LARGEST”, pound for pound, podcast on the network
  • We are out