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For The Love Of Guns 156 – Essential Estate Planning for Firearm Owners

In Episode 156 of “For the Love of Guns,” I reflect on recent personal experiences that highlight the importance of future planning for firearm ownership. With aging parents requiring more care, I see the need to consider legal aspects of transferring firearms after death, including setting up a trust to simplify the process. The episode also touches on the current political environment’s impact on private gun sales and the challenges firearm owners may face. I share some insights on how to prepare for these situations and protect one’s firearms and loved ones. Additionally, it is my pleasure to announce that the show is now on the Firearms Radio Network.

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Topics Discussed
Topics Discussed
Personal life updates and their impact on the podcast schedule.
The importance of estate planning for firearm owners.
Potential legal issues with transferring firearms after death.
Benefits and process of setting up a firearm trust.
Federal and state laws affecting firearm transfers.
Personal experiences with family health crises.
Announcement of joining the Firearms Radio Network.

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Notable Quote:

“Think about the person that you’re leaving this stuff behind to. Research your local laws. Talk to your lawyers. You need to start thinking about estate planning.” – [Timestamp: 13:38]


Estate planning, Firearm trust, Federal firearm laws, State firearm laws, Private gun sales, Firearm transfer, Firearm ownership, Firearms Radio Network

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