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For The Love Of Guns 155 – Mastering De-Escalation

In episode 155 of “For the Love of Guns,” we welcome back Stan Campbell, COO and co-founder of CCW Safe. Stan joins us to dive deep into the crucial topic of de-escalation for firearm carriers. As a retired police lieutenant from Oklahoma City with extensive experience in SWAT and street crimes units, Stan brings invaluable insights on how to manage potentially dangerous situations without resorting to force. This episode emphasizes the importance of defensive strategies, mental preparedness, and the responsible use of firearms. Whether you’re a civilian gun owner or in law enforcement, this conversation is packed with practical advice to enhance your safety and decision-making skills.

Show Sponsors:

Hold My Guns: A 501(c)(3) non-profit organization helping firearm owners during mental health crises by partnering with FFLs to securely store firearms.
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Topics Discussed:

The importance of de-escalation in firearm use
Stan Campbell’s background in law enforcement and SWAT
Differences between offensive and defensive firearm carrying
Psychological aspects of carrying a firearm
Responsible decision-making under pressure
The role of training and preparedness in de-escalation

Entities Mentioned and Resources:

CCW Safe: Organization providing legal defense for self-defense incidents
Hold My Guns: Non-profit for secure firearm storage
Ammo Squared: Ammo investment service
Andrew Branca: Legal expert on self-defense, Law of Self Defense course
Don West and Sean Vincent: Podcast hosts providing legal insights on self-defense
Notable Quote:

“When you have a gun and being a responsible gun owner, being a responsible concealed carrier, you have to move through life with these incidents and think about it as if you did not have a gun. It’s like, ‘What decision would I make right now if I wasn’t carrying?’ That’s how you have to think always with de-escalation.” – Stan Campbell

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