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Fudd Busters 001 – Interstate Transfers & Buying Guns Online – When do you NEED to use an FFL?

Jeez I sure wish people would stop making up gun laws that don’t exist. It’s all too likely that there’s a piece of gear you want that you can’t get at your local gun store. So you’ve probably looked into buying it online, just to find out it’s not as easy as the media made it out to be. Turns out, lots of the people involved in doing these transfers are doing it wrong. Join Fuddbusters host @MattLaAtLaw to separate myth from reality and talk about the situations you do, and do not, need to work with a federally licensed dealer, how to handle shipping, and some other interesting topics!

Fuddbusters combats myths and misinformation in the 2A world. Join host Matt Larosiere, a gun rights lawyer and auto mechanic, in exposing the truth about current events, as well as historical events related and adjacent to your right to keep and bear arms.

Music: Protofunk by Kevin MacLeod