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CMP 051 – Q&A

Intro …

Everyone talks a lot about IFAKs. But could y’all recommend supplemental gear? Example: what extra items would you carry for a group of people that may also have ifaks on them?

How to treat a neck wound

How to treat major hemorrhaging of the head/face/neck, and eye injuries. And maybe how to treat disembowelment if you think that’s something worth covering.

How to treat a gunshot wound. Could be important

Lower abdominal penetrating trauma. Vented or Non Vented Occlusive?

If adequate supplies are not available, or if budget is an issue. Some options for chest seals. Good material for bandaging or packing.

Something that’s gonna go way over Shawn’s head. Like different stroke presentations depending on where the stroke is occurring. Or reading a 12 lead and interpreting the area of the heart affected.

How to secure a protruding object… Even simple dressing applications.

How to find a good trauma class in our area that allows civilians.

What to look for in an emergency response training instructor. What quals to ask about/look for.

How long a training should take, and what kind of cost to look for.

This isn’t to look for the bare minimum, but what should a “good” trainer expect: time frame/ compensation. ie: you charge X for Y amount of time. Not that we need to know what you or Shawn charge, but what is a fair compensation for your time/knowledge.

I’m wanting to have a class for our gun club, but want to know about what to expect, so I can write it in a proposal to our Board.

common injurys in the elderly and sepsis. Please

Best resources/at home training for those of us currently unable to attend classes

Doggo first aid! What do you carry?

How to treat a gunshot wound to the buttocks

Why was PrepMedic able to pass you on subscribers so quickly?

Since viagra works by directing blood flow to the Penis , would taking two viagra work just as well as a tourniquet for a limb injury?

How about—- given the possibility of social unrest widespread throughout the country, what should a person have on hand to care for himself, his/her family, and those close to him? And where can one go to get those supplies at a good price?