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Armed Home Defense and Defending Property (011)

In this week’s episode, Rob talks about Armed Home Defense in the Training Segment and Defending Property in the Politics Segment.

Armed Home Defense is build upon basic defensive skills with attention to specific actions focused on protecting your life and the lives of your loved one. Preparation includes knowing how to use your weapon in your home, where there are bedrooms, or even the living spaces where your loved ones may be located. In other words, know your home. How long are the hallways. Where is there cover and not just concealment? Where do you have defensive equipment stored? Where is a safe location to evade?

Next are the tactics for Armed Home Defense. How do these differ from those used on the street or other public locations? Rob reviews the five tactics of Evade, Barricade, Arm, Communicate and Respond. 

Knowing how to protect yourself and your loved ones in a known location (not always in your home) is an important skill with specialized tactics. You can learn more by reviewing the information at Personal Defense Network, including the DVD set, “Home Security and Defense“.

You can learn more about the Three C’s of Communication Rob refers to here:

The Politics Segment on Property Defense is closely aligned with defending your home, but they are not interchangeable terms nor do they have interchangeable meanings. Defending property (such as your house, car, truck or even laptop) is typically not something States see as warranting an armed response. Rob discusses the challenges and considerations  you must make when faced with this situation. It is most likely not what you think.

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