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Armed And Nerded 001 – A One Hour Lecture on Suppressors

I have been testing suppressors for a little over 7 years, and I currently possess somewhere around 50 units. During that time I have learned a great deal about the devices and this episode is a brain dump on the topic.

Episode narrated and presented by Curtis Hallstrom of VSO Media LLC.
Topics list:
00:00 Introduction
2:00 Why do you want a suppressor?
2:28 4 Sources of Sound Guns Make
4:45 The Best gun for a suppressor
6:30 Types of suppressors
11:26 Flow-thru VS Suppression
15:05 Suppressors do not increase back pressure
17:53 Mounting a suppressor FAQ
21:31 Pistol Boosters
25:14 Multicalber suppressors are a scam
27:36 Why 45 ACP isn’t good
29:17 Alignment problems
33:18 Point of Impact Shift
35:35 Over flash
37:26 suppressor mirage
38:14 First round pop
40:11 Wetting cans
41:05 User serviceable
42:54 The DIP
44:57 Paper work and Tax Stamps
53:43 thanks for listening