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AR-15 Podcast Episode 381- The Glossary Episode

Have you ever heard people talking about guns and wondered what the terms the used meant? Let us be your google! in This episode we dive into the terms commonly used around the AR and what they mean.


 Primary Arms

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A short list of the things we covered for the full list listen to the full episode

MOA minute of angle

MILSPEC Military Specification

MRAD/MIL Milliradian

ACP Automatic Colt Pistol

AR  Armalite Rifle

SBR Short Barreled Rifle

SBS Short Barreled Shotgun

AP Armor Piercing

GR Grain ( unit of measurement)

BC  Ballistic Coefficient

FFL Federal Firearms License

FMJ Full Metal Jacket

QD Quick Disconnect

NFA- National Firearms Act (1934)

AOW/ Any other weapon