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AK-47 Radio Show 006 – WASR 10

The AK-47 Radio Show covers all aspects of the AK lifestyle.  Tune in for interviews from industry leaders and great Kalashnikov discussion about your favorite Soviet bloc rifle.

Hello everyone and thanks for tuning in to Episode 6 of AK47 Radio.

On this episode, I will be discussing the rifle that everyone either loves or hates….the WASR-10. I will talk about its murky origin and why Romania feels it still has to produce this particular gun. Finally, I will talk about the transformation of my WASR-10 from plain Jain to something a bit more user friendly.


We are having a FRN listener meet up at the NRA Show in Louisville!

Arrangements have been made for us at Cardinal Hall of Fame Cafe. We have the Freedom Hall Room reserved for Saturday May 21st at 7pm.

It is just outside the north gates of the parking lot to the fairgrounds where the NRA is being held.


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